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  1. would it be ok to mod in more wood and leaf blocks with more saplings? because as it is if I cut down most ash trees... i get either birch or oak saplings, not ash saplings and they grow into oak or birch trees it just bugs me and id appreciate it if someone who knows how to use customstuff 4 would help me make a sapling in it, ive figured out the blocks, just not getting something to grow from a sapling
  2. Blocks119

    Sellt's Diary Special - 04/02/2018

    "The plan is for various found gear for dungeons, in-nation special looks, and craftable gear. In addition, we plan to have "skin overlays", which take an item's properties and give it a cosmetic appearance. The cosmetic appearance will likely be store-based, but I'd like to see some show up in questing and Conquest." yes, but how are the textures applied? by recourse pack? by adding entirely new items with new data values?
  3. Blocks119

    Sellt's Diary Special - 04/02/2018

    I like the tiers and weapons... just wondering, what do you mean when you say skin packs?, will it work by using nbt tags or simmilar to retexture an item? or will each weapon and armor piece be implemented individually , eg in the creative mode menu? Also, would it be possible to add more shields , for example 2 designs for each nation with aditional 'special' shields' like a wood board with a handle on... for some variety?

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