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  1. Seriously? Another server that will basically serve as direct competition to the modded server experience? I think that speaks volumes as to what you all actually think about Horizons. I was really hoping for some amazing news and I didn't want to be negative but this is literally a confusing turn of events that will leave (if you're lucky) sub communities raptures between people who can afford a computer to play horizons and those who cannot. Its already evident of all of your distrust in Horizons being a success but at the cost of splitting peoples play opportunities apart. Its also wholesomely ironic that the person who force fed Sellt the idea of Horizons is now leading the staggering corpse of an A'therys Ascended remake (because that is what that is).
  2. I feel tighter than a Nuns Nasty 💋

    1. speedyscorpion


      You make me moister than an otter in an outhouse 💦

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