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    Veredeus Volens
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    Atvoren scribe exiled to Kilnholdt for heresy. He follows the teachings of the prophet Klopon Didaskalos who claimed to have received a vision during the Second Calling in which he saw an unknown god directing Llyrrh in how to carry out justice. Veredeus, having read the account of Klopon's vision, founded the Cult of the Empty Altar to honor this unknown god in the way the prophet directed. Now he seeks to build up an order of warrior monks, the Barren Templars, to spread this religion to all the nations and preserve justice.

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  1. _______________________________________________ The Book of Witness of the Second Calling of the Gods _ The Vision of Klopon Didaskalos, Chosen Prophet of Things Hidden to Mortals _______________________________________________ Editor's Note This work was first written down in ancient Gennaian by a scribe at the dictation of the Prophet. It has been lost since those times as only one manuscript survived the persecution of the Prophet's followers that came soon after his death. This one manuscript was left untouched in hidden vaults
  2. I am new to Atherys and its lore, but I was curious to know whether there is currently a lore justification for the Minecraft player respawning mechanic.

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