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  1. Ya, I understand that. I thought that other options might be good info. I've been playing online games since the early 90s ... there's pvp concept? I've probably tried it.
  2. There're a few people new to the survival server -- almost all builders. One of the new players (Luke) is building a "citadel" area intended to be a PvP "objective." The assumption being that if you're occupying it, you're inviting PvP. There's nothing worth occupying just a series of positions to defend or attack. It reminds of what a group I was part of in UO did back in the 90s (also in several other games). We were known as Shadowclan. We set ourselves up in a fort and welcomed attackers, and sometimes we went on raids. We RP'd orcs so we had constraints on our equipment and tactics, but generally, we had a ton of fun. Hopefully, those attacking us did too. There's more than one way to enable consensual PvP -- just a few ideas to consider.

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