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    Head of the New Growth Party & Pithkeeper of The Daggerlands
  • Birthday 10/16/1995


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    Rhykker, Allayn Ardivious, Cortavo Veriando, Captain_Doom, upon many others.
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    Branden | Rhykker
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    Rhykker Shadowcloak
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    Rhykker Kastellon-Shadowcloak

    Hardly anything is known about this figure. He seemed to appear from nowhere after the collapse of Altharia. Kastellon's Patriarch, Leonus Kastellon's abduction occurred at the same time as this strange character showed up in Aloreh, and he then quickly assumed his role as the new patriarch. Could he be involved in the plot? Only time will tell.

    Now the Patriarch of a new Noble House by the name of House Shadowcloak, Rhykker has quickly risen in status since his exile from Altharia. Over time, the other Nobles grew to trust him more and more. With no Lector General in government at the time, he was quickly given the role.

    Many years later, with the Court turned against him, he lead his people to join The Daggerlands, relinquishing his status as Lector General of Aloreh for the protection, friendship, and democracy of the once Tyrant ruled lands.

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