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  1. u suck jupi just letting u know

  2. hey miss u

    1. Wolfessmoon


      holy shit

      is that the legend

      i miss u  too buddy



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    2. KrypticBlue


      Starbucks? Guitar Center? Weed Shop? Factory? Farm? Ranch? Park Center?

    3. Dan The Derp

      Dan The Derp

      Tumblr blog? 

      YouTube partnership?

      Minecraft server owner?

    4. Wolfessmoon


      I work at the Airport! I'll be a Passenger Assistant, which is basically just me wheeling the elderly and the handicapped around in wheelchairs. 

  4. Let's be honest. This whole thing where nation heads can't have their titles is stupid. Expect a big tl;dr-worthy post soon.

    In the meantime, I want to know WHY one person's heckling ruined something the rest of the server had fun with.

  5. I think player nation heads deserve their respective titles- They work so hard, why should some lore placeholder have it? That's ridiculous. Look. I get it, you want your server to be lore friendly. But at this point the lore feels like a stagnant pond that you can't affect or change at all. #NationTitlesforNationHeads

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    2. Helious


      @charlotteXcharles Next month on the 25th is my 1 year as Nation head :) Though I agree having every nation head being written into lore is impossible. Most nations have had 3-4 changes of Heads in EVO, Though doesn't mean they can't use their respective titles! 

    3. Dan The Derp

      Dan The Derp

      @charlotteXcharles It's also weird when "steward" change all the time too. For an example: as a Pyre Warden you are one of the finest in Vrovonic society. Thats why the Paragon assigned him as his "steward". Why would the paragon get rid of his "Steward" so willy nilly? In that case the paragon displays indeciveness and it goes against the values of Vrovona.  This also doesn't explain new goverments overhauling old ones. What? The RP nation head keeps undoing his past works?

      " indeciveness and it goes against the values of Vrovona.  " whops I meant to say it makes him look weak and someone disposable which might make the Bravnikh rebel.

      All and all having static invisible dead NPC nation heads devalues all aspects of the server.

      woah whats going on with the fourms


    4. Dan The Derp
  6. Slowly gathering worldly and not-so-wordly goods... This treasure trove will be a good one. ;P

  7. Please god save me from this awful connection and let me sail my god damn boat

    1. HateGonzo


      Lies you just want me to be Pirate King so they can call me the salt lord.

    2. Wolfessmoon
  8. I didn't know it was your birthday! Happy Bday!

  9. Happy birthday to one of my heroes. Have a good one Wolf.

  10. Happy Belated Birthday or Birthday depending on your timezone.

  11. i'm still older then you fam

    1. Wolfessmoon


      That must make you a grandpa

    2. KrypticBlue


      Happy Birthday WolfessSun

    3. Wolfessmoon


      Thank you, KrypticRed

  12. you're accepted, just need to be on at the same time as me or TheJeffestJeff and we'll add u to town!

  13. Placements are up! Check Page 2 of the tourney thread to see who u are up against

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