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  1. I found this nice old video of what I would call my favorite memory in gaming ever. Nothing I’ve ever played or competed in since can hold up to the joy of this event. Thought I’d share and see if anyone else remembers this fateful day in A’therys’ history. Original Owner: Bricksquad
  2. Just glad I wasn't the only one considering it.
  3. I foresee a future here once again.
  4. I’ll always be around here. Not actively, but Atherys will always be home.
  5. Anyone aware if Ed ever moved from where he use to live back in the day? I know I have his address laying around here somewhere and I wouldn't mind seeing an old friend.

    1. Daniel


      No, he hasn't moved.

    2. Omega_Iota


      oooof Cy you're alive? Welcome back ;3

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