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  1. PandorasBlock_


    Ninjin ~ 5 years ago : ) )
  2. PandorasBlock_

    My Final Post.

    Even though its been a while since my last visit this still hits pretty hard. You created a pretty damn magical world which seems to still be strong and kicking. Good-luck in the future and I truly hope I wasn't too much of a pain in the ass!
  3. To Ninjin memebrs

    It seems the curse has followed through as I wont be accompanying you on you first few days. Launch times continue to disagree with my schedule so good luck with staking that island and setting up shop.

  4. PandorasBlock_

    Welcome Back!

    Yep just corrected it the brains fried from playing fallout for 2 days straight and I'm still thinking it's release day
  5. PandorasBlock_

    Welcome Back!

    Just 8 days huh? 8 long days
  6. PandorasBlock_

    Welcome Back!


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