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  1. Tristan_vr

    Sellt's Diary 07/04/2018

    @Kurgis @Dani's description of the capitals being built "Organically" is probably the best way to describe it. We start with determining what and where the most important buildings of the city are, and why they are at those spots. The history and direction of growth of the city is also taken into account, as are the different lifestyles/incomes/habits of the people that live in them (Farmhouses on the outskirts of a town having less fancy versions or less interior decorations for example). The density of detail Conquest Reforged allows for is amazing, and allows us to make the buildings/streets feel lived in and used. Back in Ascended I used to refer to "Capital Syndrome" whenever someone made a useless/empty building in our town. This is definitely not happening for Horizons, the team is really enthusiastic about all buildings having a purpose and we're trying to make everything feel as grounded as possible in universe. The buildings with purposes {that wouldn't explicitly be used by players} are amazing for integrating quests into the city's as well. Also, there's a lot of secrets and jokes we cant wait for players to find 😄
  2. Tristan_vr

    Cowabunga dude(ttes)!

    Is scuba toasting using your toaster in the bath?
  3. Tristan_vr


    Heyo, welcome to the A'therys community! We're currently in downtime as staff is developing a new iteration of A'therys. Theres some info here: In the meantime we've got a buildserver you can play on at: Build.Atherys.com. You're going to need to have the conquest launcher tough: https://conquestreforged.com/launcher/
  4. Tristan_vr

    Classes and PvP-Interest+My Two cents

    Any updates whatsoever about anything would be good really...
  5. Tristan_vr

    Wait... Who am I again?

    Welcome to the A'therys community, if you don't care that much about your sanity you'll fit right in!
  6. Tristan_vr

    A'therys Horizons

    Best change so far. Really excited for all the new stuff coming up!
  7. Hey, don't know if this is a known thing but neither the Facebook nor Twitter links on the bottom of the site work for me? Thought this was the easiest place to bug-report you :D

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