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  1. Yeah, It's easy to be nostalgic regarding the old forums. We had a real good thing going The forums used to always be bursting with something new and some fresh drama. But that's just how games and their communities age I suppose~
  2. Miss you guys ❤️ wishing everyone the best! glad we all got to share A'therys together...

    1. Tobber


      Times missed and cherished ? I love to think, that the memories we have are shared by a bunch of people. Wish you the best too mate!

    2. Candle


      They were the best of times!

  3. I wish you all the best ❤️ A'therys will always hold a piece of my heart you losers~

  4. gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay

  5. Someone? plz ?approve? my ?club or? I ?WILL ?RIOT?

  6. AAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  7. a e s t h e t i c

  8. hes still alive?!

    1. Omega_Iota


      honestly i dont know how but yeeee boiiiiiiiiiiiiiii


  9. Happy birthday dude

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