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  1. Me too Soon TM! Soon TM - 1 Soon TM - 2
  2. He's only emphasizing that the string of updates has thinned out a fair amount. Also note that that post you quoted was 5 months ago...
  3. I heard a rumor that Sellt decided to never post a recipe again...
  4. whatup

    1. Aroth2000


      Hi? I'm doing swell. How're you doing today?

    2. Foe


      feelin like a pig

  5. https://gyazo.com/d8bb56ea69878e5e7445a08d2d9124e8 Either use European dating or American dating @Sellt don't do this to me.
  6. I'm actually confused how @Dannie messed up the song 3 times in the one phrase he decided to quote...
  7. thank you generous people we have in our community
  8. You're a nobody *breaks bottle* Like seriously, your profile picture is a nobody.
  9. You'll see when the server comes up, but world hunger is a thing of the past.
  10. Imo that doesn't seem like a savage to me. Looks a bit like a statue that someone'll kick over
  11. So if this is exactly the same as UTC... why not use UTC?
  12. No, however like he said much of the stuff can be disabled/converted to heroes so it shouldn't be an issue
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