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  1. Aroth2000

    Sellt's Diary 09/05/2018

    Me too Soon TM! Soon TM - 1 Soon TM - 2
  2. He's only emphasizing that the string of updates has thinned out a fair amount. Also note that that post you quoted was 5 months ago...
  3. Aroth2000

    Sellt’s Diary 04/11/2017

    I heard a rumor that Sellt decided to never post a recipe again...
  4. whatup

    1. Aroth2000


      Hi? I'm doing swell. How're you doing today?

    2. Foe


      feelin like a pig

  5. Aroth2000

    Sellt's Diary 2/15/2017

    https://gyazo.com/d8bb56ea69878e5e7445a08d2d9124e8 Either use European dating or American dating @Sellt don't do this to me.
  6. I'm actually confused how @Dannie messed up the song 3 times in the one phrase he decided to quote...
  7. Aroth2000


    thank you generous people we have in our community
  8. You're a nobody *breaks bottle* Like seriously, your profile picture is a nobody.
  9. Aroth2000

    Update Notes.

    You'll see when the server comes up, but world hunger is a thing of the past.
  10. Aroth2000

    New Mini Boss

    Imo that doesn't seem like a savage to me. Looks a bit like a statue that someone'll kick over
  11. Aroth2000

    Gazamo Time Zone.

    So if this is exactly the same as UTC... why not use UTC?
  12. Aroth2000

    1.9 - When / How Long.

    No, however like he said much of the stuff can be disabled/converted to heroes so it shouldn't be an issue
  13. Aroth2000

    Few Store Additions

    What's a Sanguinaire?

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