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  1. any way to protect ur builds and shit? or just ffa until towny release?
  2. any chance of a semi re-release with a wiped map, anyone can make towns, like 5x faster levelling or something? maybe not what other ppl want im not sure... gettin a lil greedy, this is already alot of nostalgia, thanks btw
  3. CHILLI!!! Join altharia m8

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    2. Helious


      Back off he's mine, We recruited him for the Guild ;D

    3. jonathanbak


      Stealing all me alors m8 :D 

    4. GodOfGales


      Jon don't worry grab your lasso and return your sheep to the fold! 


      Much love helious 

  4. http://imgur.com/KiMZUDR I'm sorry but something seriously needs to be changed/added. Conquests will only work so well. Could we get an update at any plans regarding advertising/population boosting? It is a low time of the day but still, I remember when there were 20-30 people online my time back in mid v2 and now 20-30 is the peak.

    1. Paulpan


      Really, Gazama Network has a YT channel with an good amount of subscriber Just make more vids! There an little thing in the description and I though that trailer from AA was from like a random server. Maybe they should consider writing to some Youtubers checking out the server. The highest I've seen in the last day where 60 people on for the event 

    2. Daniel


      You know, I know, everything costs money nowadays and getting a Youtuber to check out the server will only help player numbers for a month max. We do get new players, we just need to retain them. Soon the spawn will be getting some changes (as mentioned in Edd's post the other day) and hopefully it will be a quicker start for most.

      Its also very easy to say 'there are loads of subs on the gazamo youtube, go make a video', yes we could, but the audience of that channel are not interested in something like atherys, they are interested in new snd fresh build ideas, not some 4 year old server. Don't get me wrong, Atherys has great builds, but its just not something that needs to be heavily advertised on a channel such as that one.

      At the moment, the best we can do as members of this community is keep everything that we make on top and just wait for the right opportunity. 

    3. Paulpan
  5. Blacklist boats and add frost walker #1.9PleaseAdd

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    2. Maxxron


      They're afraid of the inevitable seedy, back alley Vrovona ice boating gambling rings.

    3. Chilli Bandit

      Chilli Bandit

      @Chronus Blazebringer imo they're overall buggy when it comes to other people looking at someone else in a boat. 

      @Maxxron Oh yeah. I forgot to cast my bet. Will have to delete this status just in-case it does become a possibility and I lose the millions of yora I have distributed between all my alts

    4. Doug


      Boats are kewler now. Stuff like canals and other complex waterbodies can be done now with the revamp of controls in boats, but boats should still be disabled in PvP.

  6. So my school has blocked connection to the mojang servers so I can't play for a week :(

    Is there any way to get past without doing anything illegal, permanent, peaving off the school or buying a VPN? I think I'll buy a VPN and just turn it off at school.

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. Chilli Bandit

      Chilli Bandit

      ^^^ you said it my homie


    3. Gauth Ironstaff

      Gauth Ironstaff

      Also, is it a laptop (presumably a laptop at least) that you own or that your school owns? (either they let you have it for free, on a deposit system or a regular payments type thing)

      If your school owns it then technically they have the rights to do whatever they want, but if you own it you should be (legally, perhaps still against school policy) able to install, remove and do whatever you want on it including removing their intrusive blocks.

      Either way, perhaps try asking why they blocked the Mojang servers, if they can't think up a valid reason ask them to remove the block - surely you should be allowed to spend your spare time doing something creative that you enjoy ;) 

    4. charlotteXcharles


      they have educational versions of minecraft, so obviously its not entirely bad to schools

      i bet they haven't blocked flash games sites

      its discrimination i tell you!

  7. Ugh, programs for some reason decide to take 2 minutes to open up instead of 10 seconds :( ffs SSD 

    1. jonathanbak


      i get that to sometimes with my SSD

  8. So imma world download some random parts of the map, build them up and work on some cool builds! If they turn out really nice I might even take it a step further and make it a reality :)

    1. Eojinn


      Good luck, seems like a cool idea!

  9. Fellow Tyrian! What server are you on?

    1. Chilli Bandit

      Chilli Bandit

      Hai I used to play Piken Square [EU] but recently changed to Fort Aspenwood [US]

    2. Cyrala Nytensse

      Cyrala Nytensse

      I'm on Sorrow's Furnace (US), one of the less popular ones. But I hear that doesn't really matter except in WvW so it's all good.

  10. Would someone mind putting a class tree somewhere?

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