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  1. "WHAT YEAR IS IT?!?!" he said, waking from a slumber.

  2. BTW if u didn't see in the Skype chat i would write here that Ista is back. We are going to be atm 2-4 online almost everyday. 

    1. Dan The Derp
    2. CarterJennings


      Excellent! I haven't been able to check skype yet while away on vacation but I'll be back tomorrow evening.  Sounds good to me!!! I'm excited.

  3. Excuse me, who is in-charge of the department of finance in aloreh?

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Chronus


      Alright, as soon as you appoint someone or havery someone in the meantime send them my way. 

    3. Chronus
    4. CarterJennings


      Hopefully within the next day (there's not a lot of people in the nation xD) :) I'd assume most terms would remain the same but always good to update under new legislation.  

  4. Well while waiting for launch of Evo, anyone that has Heart of Thorns want to tackle the Goliath that is the first raid?

    1. Cyrala Nytensse

      Cyrala Nytensse

      Ooh! Another GW2 player! Sadly, I don't have HoT yet, but I am a level 80 (Human Ranger, in case you were wondering) so would be up for some dungeoneering or boss-fighting. What world are you on?

    2. CarterJennings


      Nice :D yeah lot of the HoT content has been really fun.  Float between Thief, Ele, and Guardian depending on activity.  Currently on Maguuma but luckily that only matters if you're into WvW.  Always fun to have more A'therys peeps around!

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