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  1. I've added some information on the battlegrounds system.
  2. It'll be a public server. We'll probably have a new URL to connect directly to it.
  3. We haven't fully decided how towns will function on the test server, or if players will be able to create them. I thought I would tease some of the UI components of the RPG system. We've imagined a few ways to represent a skill tree in game, but for now it is all textual. You can see which skills will be unlocked should you unlock a skill. Also, skill descriptions are dynamic--their values can change based on your attributes. Primary attributes can all be upgraded with experience, but resistances are only from your equipment or temporary effects. You can view where each attribute is getting its total from.
  4. They are talking specifically about /server live (Evo).
  5. The Discord is a better place for this.
  6. Rynelf's Dev Diary #2 Hello again. As you probably know, since HeadHunter's departure I am the lead (and only) developer now. I am not discouraged, however. This will be a brief update on what I've been working on recently. I have three primary goals/plugins: Towns, Quests, and RPG (combat). These make up the pillars of gameplay and are what I'm striving to get feature complete as soon as possible. Of course, there are various other plugins that support these that need to be maintained, but these are the most complex. Quests I consider Quests nearly production ready. It just needs a few more features and polish. What I've implemented recently: Timed quests Repeatable quests Dynamically hiding dialog options A simpler but more powerful NPC system Supporting a second scripting language (Groovy) that has better stability than the previous JavaScript version What I'm planning to implement: Better feedback for missing requirements on dialogs & quests Template quests that players can use to give tasks to other players (See https://github.com/Atherys-Horizons/AtherysQuests/issues/45) Expanding the online quest editor (See https://docs.atherys.com/plugins/AtherysQuests/Quest-Editor.html ) A better UI for displaying quests to the player (perhaps an inventory one) Towns HeadHunter left a great foundation that makes it easy to add features quickly. What I've implemented recently: Most /town commands (name, invite, join, claim, info, motd, description, leave, etc) Most /nation commands (name, ally/neutral/enemy, description, capital, etc) What I'm planning to implement: Plot "stuff" (owners, embassies, protection, etc) Resident commands (not many of them) The tax system RPG Much of the functionality in RPG is already there for the most part, but the main meat is missing: skills! What I've implemented recently: The base of how the skill tree will function (picking new skill nodes) What I'm planning to implement: More "types" of skills (toggleable skills, primarily) The skills themselves, of course Like Quests, a better UI (for upgrading your attributes and choosing new skills) Conclusion Hopefully this gives you an idea of where I am with plugin development. As always, I am always on the lookout for aspiring developers. I am Rynelf#8390 on Discord. Finally, as poll suggests I have been toying with the idea of making the test server open to the public. I've seen many people try to connect but the server is currently whitelisted. There wouldn't be much to do except see how the current systems work, and there won't be a guarantee of saving progress as I have to clear the database regularly for testing. If you have any questions feel free to ask.
  7. Just a note: you don't need to know everything in that list of requirements. I don't even know some of them.
  8. Reminds me of Dune. Computers were deemed too powerful, so they were banned (far far in the future). Humans were bred as calculators as a result. I don't remember what Limnas did either, so this would be an interesting article to explore.
  9. And thank you for inspiring this series; I'll post more as we make progress.
  10. Rynelf's Dev Diary #1 I know we've been pretty quiet on the development front (though you can always see what we're working on) so I'm hoping to change that with these sort of changelogs. For the first entry I thought I would go through each of the plugins we have planned and outline their status. Most of the information here is able to be found at their repositories, but I thought I would describe them anyway. I've included the lines of code for each just for fun, as it is not always an indication of a project's complexity/time spent. Hopefully this will give you an idea of the amount of work we've accomplished and have yet to do. As always, HeadHunter and I are always in need of more help. Note: HeadHunter has written the vast majority of code, you can find the evidence in the repositories. Plugins we're working on AtherysQuests Lines: 6900 AtherysQuests is the plugin we have worked on the most. We have a solid base and are now working on other features to flesh out its functionality. Here is a sample of its working features: A branching dialogue system between players and NPCs Location, delivery, killing, dialogue objectives & more A quest log Receiving quests from items, blocks, locations, and NPCs Features we are working on: Quest scripting with JavaScript - near completion Timed quests Fancy particle effects AtherysCore Lines: 2124 AtherysCore contains the utilities and abstractions that other plugins rely on. There are no real "features", but things included are: A database API Command creation utilities Serialization utilities, & others AtherysScript Lines: 3409 AtherysScript contains an API and an implementation of that API in JavaScript. It allows you to write dynamic scripts to interact with the Minecraft world. Its primary use case for us is with quests. This plugin allows us to create scripts that define quests and their logic, dynamically. We can reload the scripts without having to restart the server. Most of my effort recently has been on implementing functions for use with scripting, or writing documentation on how to write scripts. For this I've made a website that contains every function and how to use them, as well as other guides and information. I also made an extension for Visual Studio Code (a text editor) that autocompletes functions, so you don't have to reference the documentation constantly. I want to make scripting as accessible as possible so the people creating quests can be efficient. Despite not being the largest in terms of code, it has taken a great deal of time due to its surrounding projects. Current features of AtherysScript: Basic Minecraft interactions (spawning items, moving players, spawning mobs/particles/sounds) An API that allows other plugins to connect to AtherysScript and create functions to use their functionality (like AtherysQuest) Dynamic JavaScript scripts Projects related to AtherysScript: The documentation - AtherysDocs An application to generate the documentation from the Java code itself - AtherysDoclet The VS Code extension - AtherysCode AtherysTowns Lines: 1023 Previous lines: 6760 AtherysTowns has proven tricky to get right. HeadHunter has worked almost entirely on his own with this one. The single issue he's facing is how to nail down the permissions system. With so many moving parts, it is difficult not to create a spaghetti of code like Towny was. AtherysRoleplay Lines: 948 AtherysRoleplay is a relatively simple plugin that includes character cards and dice rolling. Chat will be included after it has been solved for AtherysTowns as we want all of the chats to work together perfectly. Character cards in book form Shift + right click to view other players Dice rolling (of any size) AtherysParties Lines: 1060 AtherysParties is another simple (relatively) plugin that includes your usual party mechanics: party chat, leaving/joining/kicking etc. It was previously in AtherysCore but was moved into its own plugin. AtherysCombat Lines: 461 AtherysCombat includes different damage types, mostly for use with AtherysRPG. AtherysRPG Lines: 3470 AtherysRPG is going to be one of the larger plugins (with Towns and Quests). It will include all of the RPG skill mechanics. Despite the large amount of code, there is not much to show off with it yet. The base for all of the mechanics has been laid out, and I'll be picking up on some of its implementation soon. AtherysBattlegrounds Lines: 1082 AtherysBattlegrounds is the conquest/capture point system. This plugin is mainly finished, and was even rewritten recently to be better. AtherysOre Lines: 321 AtherysOre will be responsible for generating ore deposits in the world. It is complete for the most part. NPCs We are updating and upgrading an existing Sponge plugin that had fallen under disrepair due to its author's disappearance. We have it running again, with support for AtherysScript through another plugin that connects the two. We did not want to have a dependency on our own plugins for NPCs, as it is a plugin that many people may want to use. EconomyLite Economy plugins do not differ that much, so we will be making changes to an existing plugin, EconomyLite. Plugins we're planning for We can't do everything at once, so here are a few of the plugins we haven't started development for. AtherysProfessions AtherysProfessions is going to be another larger plugin, though it is still in the initial planning phase; no code has been written for it yet. Professions will limit what players are able to craft in order to promote working together. AtherysDungeons and AtherysInstances AtherysDungeons will be another large plugin that powers A'therys' dungeons. We haven't decided on whether Instances will be its own plugin, or placed in the same one as Dungeons. We have started thinking about how dungeon instances will work, though nothing is finalized. Immediate goals Getting the quest scripting in a stable state Improving the scripting documentation Starting the meat of AtherysRPG's implementation Figuring out a permission system for Towns
  11. I could start putting out some kind of dev log, though most of it would be jargon. Recently I've been working on the documentation for quest scripting: https://atherys.com/docs. Edit: As well as keeping a VS Code extension updated: https://marketplace.visualstudio.com/items?itemName=AtherysHorizons.atheryscode
  12. Quest systems do not vary that much from game to game. Dialog between players and NPCs does not change based on core mechanics, nor do basic quest objectives. It is easy to add support for other plugins and mechanics once there is a base down. You are always welcome to see our progress over at the GitHub repo. The actual quests have not been started on. We sometimes bounce between plugins if we tire of working on one for a long time.
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