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  1. I've added some information on the battlegrounds system.
  2. It'll be a public server. We'll probably have a new URL to connect directly to it.
  3. We haven't fully decided how towns will function on the test server, or if players will be able to create them. I thought I would tease some of the UI components of the RPG system. We've imagined a few ways to represent a skill tree in game, but for now it is all textual. You can see which skills will be unlocked should you unlock a skill. Also, skill descriptions are dynamic--their values can change based on your attributes. Primary attributes can all be upgraded with experience, but resistances are only from your equipment or temporary effects. You can vi
  4. They are talking specifically about /server live (Evo).
  5. The Discord is a better place for this.
  6. Rynelf's Dev Diary #2 Hello again. As you probably know, since HeadHunter's departure I am the lead (and only) developer now. I am not discouraged, however. This will be a brief update on what I've been working on recently. I have three primary goals/plugins: Towns, Quests, and RPG (combat). These make up the pillars of gameplay and are what I'm striving to get feature complete as soon as possible. Of course, there are various other plugins that support these that need to be maintained, but these are the most complex. Quests I consider Quests nearly production ready. It jus
  7. I'm getting an "Error code: EX145" when I try to access any subforum. Any help?

  8. I'm getting an "Error code: EX145" when I try to access any subforum. Any help?

  9. Pst; you should check the wiki ;)  O:-) 

  10. I always forget that you're only like 12 years old!


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