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  1. I've entirely lost my faith in this community, NO ONE besides me so far has voted for the GLORIOUS NOMAD TINKERERS OF DALKUN-TIR PS: lmao people actually find the isles interesting
  2. skebben


    Nope, we don't exist
  3. I should probably do one of these once in a while, shouldn't I?

  4. skebben

    Latest Posts

    Now i can be even more inactive and still keep up, yay!
  5. your profile pic omg it's perfect 

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Foe


      Lol tru dat. I cannot best ye, Steampunk Kitten of the Cute cuddles.

    3. Foe


      Also nice Endless Legend cover picture. Forgotten 2 strong.

    4. skebben


      Magic ninja viking pirates FTW!

  6. Time to stop procastinating!
    ...is what i'd like to say but nah

  7. "I'll do that tomorrow, i wanna watch anime now" -me, all day everyday

  8. Finally i can have my beautiful title

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