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  1. Time to jump on the band wagon and get back into this!

  2. kingjlawson24

    A'therys Horizons

    For sure!
  3. kingjlawson24

    A'therys Horizons

    Altharia V5 See ya there.
  4. kingjlawson24

    My Final Post.

    I haven't been around for a long time, however I do still listen in on the community now and again, I spent 3 years with A'therys and Edd you was a great owner honestly. You had your moments that for sure! Thank you for all your help that you gave me, thank you for seeing me in a different way to others and giving me the oppourtunity to be part of your staff. I had a blast on A'therys and I will always remember it and yourself <3
  5. I have huge plans for Evo, got my build team working on Altharia V3, its looking absolutely brilliant! House Kastellon has grown a lot since V2 went down, we're good in numbers atm and continually growing! :) 

    1. jonathanbak


      indeed, it is super brilliant

    2. Viridia Deere

      Viridia Deere

      Can't wait to see it in evo!

  6. kingjlawson24

    Welcome Back!

    Love et all ;3 10x better than the last forums honestly, top notch job
  7. Glad to be back on the forums! expect Kastellon posts soon :)

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