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  1. Is there any information or clarity on exactly what A'therys Aeons will be, or is this an idea that was only approved of very recently? I'm unsure by what exactly you intend a vanilla A'therys that is not "ascended" to be. Given that work on the Horizons map has spanned over 5 years, what exactly are the plans for an A'therys classic map? V2 was an entirely unique and constructed world, while V1 was a partial Minecraft generation, both of which took a decent amount of time to construct. Also, assuming that the plans for Aeons are set and solid, what sort of Heroes or similar will be used, and what of Towny and the ability to acquire towns.
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  3. How is it going at this point? I heard that if the server could not escape development by the new year, that the project would have be abandoned.
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