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  1. Xinkc Mourningway

    A'therys Resource Pack

    I've gotten back into Minecraft recently and made sure I got the pack to experience the updates I missed. Anyways, I've found out that much work needed to be done so as to update the development build to 1.13. The Flattening has been the source of much issue for me though I found an updater to get much of the issues out of the way. Anyways, I'm working on chugging away at fixing the rest of the updates needed. The most recent Conquest resource pack has been helpful to figure out what has been needed and how to repair the connected textures to work with Optifine. I'm not too thrilled with much of what they did with beds, concrete, glazed terracotta, etc. though so I'm working on some things to fix that. I'm also working through past A'therys resource packs to get various textures I prefer more. Wishing you luck with any changes you're making. If you want to talk more you could poke me on Discord, I'm on the A'therys Official one.
  2. Xinkc Mourningway

    Sellt’s Diary 07/06/2017

    I voted no before I read the suggestion but this could be legit. It could be a way to help deal with RP conflicts in no-PvP zones if there are any. Other than that, it could help handle physical matters that can't be handled by the PvP plugin like literally stabbing a dude in the kidneys.
  3. Xinkc Mourningway

    Sellt’s Diary 06/20/2017

    Will there be Chocobo-esque or flightless dragon mounts? Those would be dope.
  4. Xinkc Mourningway

    The Past, Present and Future of Atherys PvP

    This sounds interesting. Though, I'll miss Cryo.
  5. Xinkc Mourningway

    A'therys Horizons

    Hit me up about them embassies.
  6. Xinkc Mourningway

    A'therys Horizons

    Well, seeing as Daidama is a thing, I think I'll work towards creating an Alor-based outpost/town along the easternmost edges of it. Altharia V5 and Darkwind "V?" team up time?
  7. Xinkc Mourningway

    [Dungeon] Allaka's Stockade

    So you say but you know what they say... "Captain Hammer's become a crusader, political he's cleaning up the streets!"
  8. Xinkc Mourningway


  9. Xinkc Mourningway

    "It's bout time you posted this."

    Jynxi, I was so happy for you to become a mod. However, now I find you like to play online chess which makes you a nerd. I don't know if I want a nerd to be a mod... JK, you're cool bruh.
  10. Xinkc Mourningway

    The Bard's Tale

    Ah, the mighty cliff hanger... enemy of man.
  11. Xinkc Mourningway

    Xathas has Ascended

    I expect more lore mobs being created now and a revamp of old ones.
  12. Xinkc Mourningway

    Atherys is Now 1.11!

    So I won't get my mighty, light blue, baby sheep mount back? :'(
  13. Xinkc Mourningway

    Atherys is Now 1.11!

    My sheep pets ain't working. :'(
  14. Xinkc Mourningway

    Sellt's Diary 03/16/2017

    Will Dorrod Muth be put in well before the opening events? I'd like to just mindlessly wander around it.
  15. Xinkc Mourningway

    [Dungeon] The Crescent Depths


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