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  1. Done with school for the year. Time to rest up so I can hit the ground running next year.

  2. It might be a bit selfish, but I hope that the server comes back up on the 27th (Friday) so that I can enjoy it on the holiday weekend.

    1. jonathanbak


      :P meh, not selfish but id rather it come out sooner. But It really doesn't matter when to me as long as they get the time to finish it.

    2. Tobber


      I get you. I have 3 huge assignments this week and I'd only get to be free friday (If I work hard :3)

    3. Xinkc Mourningway

      Xinkc Mourningway

      It would be nice if it was sooner but us Americans have an "important" holiday on Thursday and I have an assignment due Wednesday. Anyways, looks like it's going to be this Saturday though so at least I'll get a day or so of play time. That and my research adviser is out until holiday break so I can slack on my thesis work a little for some much needed A'therys/Minecraft time while getting my work and remaining classwork done.

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