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  1. I hope you realise that the dodge move to paper killed denizens and is no more on the server
  2. Forums is very very screwy.  been happening for at least 6 hours.  Been speaking to admins and they say they know about it and are working on it.  No body could give me an eta.  D:

  3. Does reappearing today after several months of vanishness count? >:D
  4. my condolences

  5. So, due to issues with the astorite, we've had to replace it. As Im crazy from my finals, this is the replacement: 500+ health 50 damage No skills 2.5K Exp reward. Its in a treehouse in the dungeon somewhere. High risk, Highish Reward. Thanks, Josh ((We reserve the right to change or alter this mob how ever we feel and all that sorta good stuff when we need to balance this))
  6. Little bit of a grouch post from me. If you see a massive hole or something amiss in the country side, Make a ticket for the love of god. This also counts if youve just done a massive harvest of materials. If its small enough, its easy to fix. Dont let them get to big. Thanks, Josh
  7. Over in like 20 mintues of stress inducing time. Check dev logs for what happened.
  8. So, thanks to school, I was too busy for the downtime today. Tomorrow, same time for it
  9. Ew Blue, a mod? D: Jk's Nice work you all.
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