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  1. InsanibleLector

    Can't connect to survival server

    Not sure if you've tried again today, but it appears to be working now.
  2. InsanibleLector

    hi guys how's the server/life

    Life is fine. One of the few pictures I saved from V1. Really wish I had kept more around.
  3. InsanibleLector

    It's been a while

    Well, KoilKoil, it has been a while. Be sure to read up on the new lore here, https://atherys.com/canon-lore/lorelanding/ Depending on what nation you fancy, I might be inclined to join you in the new world.
  4. A’therys Content Team - Application and Information Application Link: https://goo.gl/forms/q5haXLfv6I69ZNIY2 Fill out all forms within the application link if you wish to join the A'therys Content Team. If this initial application is accepted you will be contacted via the A'therys forums in regards to a one week concept image based build trial. This trial build will be voted either Pass or Fail by all members of the content team, if your trial build passes inspection we will discuss places to improve and where your talent was most apparent. If your trial is not a passing build, we will discuss ways you can improve in the future and you will be able to attempt another build trial once a week has passed. Current Department Heads: InsanibleLector - Team Lead and Interiors MercyMike - Small Structures Altairas - Environmental Design Swyur - Design Scickar - Civil Structures Razrivon - Large Structures Eojinn - Special Structures Xathas - Concept Rules to Understand: 1. When building as a team, coordinate effectively by working in the Content Masters Build channel on the A'therys TeamSpeak. If you do not have a functioning microphone, it still helps to be able to hear what others are discussing by being in the channel with them. 2. Attend a minimum of one meeting per month if called. It is preferred that members attend as many meetings as possible to keep everyone on the same page and in the loop. 3. Activity is judged based on overall team work. Discussion in relation to the team's current project is expected, as well as actively working on the project at hand. Life is something we all experience and down time is a must to maintain a healthy mind, though projects do need to be completed in a timely manner and joining the team does mean you are a part of project completion, please keep this in mind. This team is composed of builders and doers, not title collectors. 4. There is no priority given to A'therys staff members, current or former. All ideas are welcome and all have a say within the team hierarchy. Structure and Hierarchy: The content team is an amalgamation of the existing events team, with a newly formed build team to work cooperatively as a concept, design, and build group. The structure will act as a hierarchy in divisions only, with seniority overall being given to a mutually (unbiased) manager, for the purposes of final decision making and administration of the team. Ultimately, the content team manager has final call on discrepancies, issues, transfers and recruitment/firing. The team structure will be as follows: Concept: This section is solely responsible for formulating ideas and story boarding a potential event or project undertaking. They are the think tank behind the developments, and are the primary source dedicated to producing new and innovative ideas (events team would absorb into here) Their structure is as with any think tank, individuals for initial concepts, once one is selected, they formulate as a team, with the member whose concept is chosen to go forward into production, will act as team lead until a final story package is released to the design team. ((This section is devised initially of events team members, however more creatively minded members of the design and build can progress/transfer into this team)) Design: This section is a more practical side of the concept section, and translate the raw ideas produced into a realistic minecraft setting. They will plan the layout of the concept and communicate to the builders the task to be undertaken and ongoing supervision, including any variations or amendments to the original design. ((As with concept, once enthusiasm and skill is shown by an individual in the contents team as a whole, they can join this team if authorised)) Build: The build section functions as a singular unit on a project by project basis. Only undertaking one project until completion to ensure maximum efficiency in producing structured and well executed builds. Internally they divide into 5 (technically 6) categories or sub-teams, each with an assigned tutor for guidance (an expert at their craft). The teams are as follows: -Environmental Detailing and Greenery -civil structures (e.g. bridges, roads, docks etc) -small scale buildings (e.g. houses, shops) -large scale structures (e.g. Temples, shipyards, palaces, stations etc) -interiors -special (terraforming, organics, and redstone) Each section assists one another with the build and can interchange members based on the current requirements of the project. Meetings:- A bi-monthly (Every two (2) weeks) progress meeting will take place where all content team members will meet and discuss the progress over the two weeks on the given project(s). This also allows opportunity for structured feedback, discussion and suggestions by any member to any other departments aspect of the projects at hand. Additionally should the project be near completion, this will be the opportunity for the concept and/or design section to brief on the upcoming project. If you have any questions, feel free to message @InsanibleLector on the forums for more information. We look forward to your application.
  5. InsanibleLector

    Return to Dorrod Muth

    A labor of love, time, and blood. We present to you the first Content Team build, Dorrod Muth. After a long design and development phase, Dorrod Muth is ready to be unveiled. The plague will be fought back, and the sacred mountain where Dorrod Muth resides shall belong to Roreg Logh once more. Produced by @InsanibleLector and @mercymike Build designed by @mercymike Built by @InsanibleLector, @mercymike, @Altairas, @Scickar, and @Aller. Special thanks to @AkilaTajar, @redninja685 for access to build server and @Chrisblox for cavern terraforming.
  6. I like your profile picture.. But do you know what will make it even better? Packed Ice. 8100ypsc. Buy 2DCs and get 100y off!

  7. InsanibleLector

    Christmas christmas woo

    Personally, I'm really digging the inspirational "Test2" theme.
  8. InsanibleLector

    Mushroom Kingdom - The Place to relax!

    Good to see the old carnival put to use and expanded upon. Was a labor of love then and it sure looks to be one now.
  9. I love your avatar and your pages banner! xD

  10. Cuddles! Hello!

    1. InsanibleLector


      Eyy. Glad to see another familiar face.

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