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  1. Can I request that Baphus come back with the Tree skill please
  2. can we dump forge and just do lightly modded vanilla RPG again? just an unproductive though smile
  3. I remember we had something like this in V1 but I forget what it was called...
  4. join the Duck Club.

  5. Please post photos of ducks in unsafe conditions, inhumane captivity, or general sad moods. Add captions to boost public mourning. Carnage after illegal Alor feast of the rare Uncommon Duck Result of definitely non government sponsored mutation experiments to create militant Duck Alor terrorist machine using an innocent Duck to prevent the advanced, top-class ISP missile deterrence rock system from injuring such a kind soul
  6. Please post photos of happy and free ducks below. Feel free to caption to attempt comedy. Rare sighting of a Duckish apostle Common Duck blessed by our lord Duck untitled "he protec but he also attac" Former Itheri-sponsored Duck Defense System to be used against Alor agression
  7. man idk i just want to take over the world once and for all under the duckly sun
  8. I feel the same excitement from when A2 was announced. I'm really looking forward to it. Just so everyone knows Mondenburg will control the Gennaian Islands.
  9. can u rollback my town again while you're at it please? see the future not oops thread
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