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  1. 2 hours ago, Ichatare Stonebarren said:

    I wish my all for you Rose...

    I just hope the curse isn't reawakening.

    omg there is no damn curse -.- its all in your heads..

    rr incompetence from previous leaders.. but that's none of my business

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  2. "To the honourable citizens of Vrovona,


    It comes with a heavy heart to say that I, Roslita Kharjov, can no longer fulfill my obligations as Pyre Warden due to a rapid decline in my health, leaving me bedridden. It pains me to say farewell to this wonderful nation after pouring my heart into working to make it the best for its people, but my time is drawing near and I can no longer be of help to the nation. For as long as I live, I will hold it dear to my heart, cherishing the memories and friendships I have made during my time.

     In my stead, Velkas Harvikin (@Velkas) will be Pyre Warden pro tempore, until the time comes when our Paragon, Solodav Ksavik, selects the next Pyre Warden. 

    I hope only for the best for the nation of Vrovona and all its citizens.


    With love,

    Roslita Kharjov."


    (( I will be stepping down from both nation head of Vrovona and staff as my health has been a major concern for me as of late. I need time to focus on me and making myself better before I can properly put in the time and energy to help the server and its community. I'll still be around here and there on the forums, and I'll always be available through Skype if anyone needs me. @Edd will be making the elections post for Pyre Warden tonight or this weekend for you to vote on your new nation head, but in the meantime Mike will be Pyre Warden. I wish you all the best. <3 ))

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  3. Just a quick update:

    After a little trial and error we've got a slightly newer system that is based off of the original. I'm going to break it down simply, but it basically acts to prevent flaming/trolling as the previous policy was set out to do.


    1st Time Offence

    Verbal Warning

    2nd Time Offence

    1 Week Probation (See Below)

    Docked Salary Pay (2 weeks worth, as salary has now been moved to biweekly)

    If after probation, there has been no more offences, the probation will turn into a Standing Warning, which is recorded on the Legion Salary as a sort of permanent record.

    3rd Time Offence (with a Standing Warning)

    Immediate discharge, being banned from legion events/raids and a public statement - same as below.



    1st Offence: (after the initial one which started the probation)

    Demotion from any higher legion positions down to Legionnaire.

    Public Statement from the Inquisition announcing demotion.

    2nd Offence:

    Immediate Discharge from the Legion

    Banned from attending Legion Events and Raids

    Public Statement from the Inquisition stating the above consequences.


    If further actions are made by those who are discharged which are deemed malicious but within the server's rules, will result in the outlawing of said person, group, or town and a KOS on their name(s).

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  4. 1 hour ago, Chronus Blazebringer said:

    well we have 3 towns that have won town of the month, i think that is enough to form a town of the month club right?

    At the 6th month mark, I'm thinking of introducing a short segment that briefly revisits a previous TotM winner in a "Where Are They Now" sort of series. So like it'd start from the first winners, and every month (which would be 6 months from when they won) do a check in with previous winners. Still figuring out things about that though, so its not a for sure thing yet :P

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  5. 4 minutes ago, Fin said:

    How do you apply?

    Message Dj on the forums with the ideas who have, what makes you qualified for the position, your current relations with said nation you are applying for and how you would delegate between the two nations.

  6. I would like to formally announce and congratulate @DjL0bot as our new Praetor of Foreign Affairs!

    He will be accepting applications for ambassadors starting now!

    Positions for all nations are available, so if you're interested please message them to Dj with your ideas and how you'd go about doing them!

    Anyone who applied previously may reuse their old apps as well!

    Thank you! :)

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  7. It's the beginning of the month again, which means its time to announce our March winners!

    Congratulations to @Velkas and everyone from..


    .. for winning Town of the Month in the overall category!


    Harvikir is a known to be one of the biggest driving forces of PvP across A'therys, striving to uphold honour and respect in the community, as well as have some of the most gorgeous builds you can find in game!


    Here's a few quotes grabbed from people within the community:

    "I always see players from Harvikir around doing things together and out in the community! They seem to be an integral part of their nation and the server!" - El Jefe

    "The Harvikir community is awesome! They represent their nation in every event I come across and I can see the trust their government and the Pyre Warden has in them, which is very promising! They also help look after me and my 'significant other' here in a'Ravhar! Which is quite fortunate cause we are very incompetent... Their town looks spectacular and truly breath taking, and though it was a horrific incident, I enjoyed being dragged into their cave, being tortured and fed to their yeti. c:" - Selukkite Fan Boy

    "Since my "significant other," as he forces me to call him, is diagnosed with severe incompetence, I ALWAYS depend on Harvikir. Velkas and the rest of Harvikir delivers discipline when PvPing to ensure a positive experience, are tremendous help to all new players, and are outstanding builders. I've known Velkas for almost 3 years, and if any town deserved the spotlight, it's definitely his. But Mike, you're still bad." - Cactus Queen

    "Best looking Vrovonic town I've seen in EVO!" - Some Guy

    UztKzfh.jpgJust one of the features found in Harvikir! Look at those statues!


    Here's what Velkas and a few other players from Harvikir have to say about their town:


    1. What are your town's aspirations and major goals for the future?

    Harvikir as it stands has become a powerful town due to the experienced players within it, and the communication and teamwork we bring to the battlefield. However, Harvikir does not recruit new players regularly, which is something we look to change in the near future. Once we are able to house the new players and have adequate supplies and people to train them, we will begin recruitment. Another major goal of Harvikir's is to continue to uphold the Vrovonic standard, and stay true to our nations beliefs. The last goal for Harvikir would be to encourage players in my town to try out other aspects of the server, you never know how much you might like writing some RP, starting a business in A'therys, or helping build up your town. Overall, we are all looking to see our town and nation grow and become better in every way possible.


    2. What things do you find yourself and your residents participating in the most?

    Almost every single citizen of Harvikir actively participates in PvP, however many of us enjoy other aspects of the server as well. We have merchants in the town, RPers, and a few builders. Everyone in Harvikir pitches in somehow, be it through combat, building, making money, or helping out new players. 

    3. What would you like to say or establish about Harvikir that you may not have had the chance to do so before?

    If you message some of us, especially myself, I'll talk to you for a bit (Just gonna reiterate I said some of us). I have actually made a few friends by killing them. Most of us over here are pretty chill, and will talk to you about almost anything over /msg or teamspeak.


    4. What's it like to be a part of Harvikir?

    "Being in Harvikir is like having having another family. Everyone in this town has fun with each other, even when we are yelling at each other, whether we are trying to break in Velkas' house or getting ready to defend in a raid. It is always fun to be on with everyone in the town with it being a nice environment that makes it fun to play on the server." ~@Gressy

    "Harvikir is a close knit group of friends, we have a lot of fun together, and then there's @Ish988" ~@Pita_Bread

    5. What are your favourite thing(s) about your town's community?

    "One of my favourite things about Harvikir's community is that everyone has each other's back. Whether is be getting revenge on someone who had just came up behind you and blasted you down with arrows or giving out some money to buy a new dank pig mount. We all have our roles in the town and we all try to do our best at fulfilling those roles. I also like that we are all looking to grow the town and build on what we have, like improving our PvP skills and getting some sick builds actually built in game." ~@Gressy




    For those interested here are some quick links to their recruitment and town information pages:

    None at the moment, but this will be updated as posts are made! :)


    Once again, congrats to all the people of Harvikir for your hard work and involvement within the A'therys community!

    I hope to see continued great work from you all! :)


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  8. Quick Update:

    I'll be done my break on Monday night, but I may still not be around a whole lot until the end of the week. This is because I was asked out of the blue on Monday if I'd like to move into a new (larger and much nicer) apartment! So I will be moving throughout this week to my new place and will have to transfer my internet. I should be done by Friday at the latest!

    Thanks for your understanding guys! :D

    ps. I might post some pictures of my new apartment if anyone is interested.

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  9. After a couple days to give everyone a chance to vote, we finally have the name of our 5th Stronghold..




    This stronghold gives our clans which reside on the outer Vrovonic islands and the neutral islands the opportunity for proper representation within the nation and government. This being said there will be an opening now for a 5th Vesrejn for Kostavan in which we will be looking to fill, but with most of the island towns being inactive at this point it may be a while before the position is filled. 


    @OccidentalAnvil will be updating the wiki (eventually) with the lore behind this stronghold and please give your thanks to him for doing all the dirty work in creating the story behind it! @Dani is also working very hard to update our nation map to show all the islands part of this stronghold, so please also give your thanks to Dani as well!


    The government post will be updated to show the new position.

    Thanks! :)

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  10. Hello!

    I hope you're all doing well! 

    Today, I'd like to announce our 2 newest Praetors!

    First, we have @WaterStriker (with the help of @Keeper of Avadon/@ShadowTarkus) as our new Praetor of Commerce!

    Secondly, we have @Blackzues15 as our newest Praetor of Inquisition!

    Both have shown their willingness and dedication to the roles and have told me of their great ideas and plans. With that knowledge I have high expectations from them and know they will do the roles proud!

    I am still accepting applications of Praetor of Foreign Affairs! If you had previously applied as an ambassador and wish to go one step further, send me your applications for this position before Wednesday Feb. 17th!

    Take care everyone!

    I will see all tomorrow at the Synod! :)

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  11. Hey guys!

    I'm going to be taking about a 1-2 week break as I've had a lot of thing I've been trying to deal with and need to take the time to focus on those irl. I'm not quitting, just giving y'all the heads up that I won't be in-game and TS much for the next week or so due to rl stuff! I am a very strong advocate for making sure real life takes priority, so I hope you all will be understanding of this in return! :)

    I'll still be around on the forums/Skype and occasionally in-game and we still will be having our Synod this Saturday! I'll also make sure you all get your weekly pays for the Legion in my absence.

    In my absence in-game, your Grand Marshal, Mike (@Velkas), will be temporarily in-charge. If there is anything major that he or any of you need to get in contact with me, I will be available through Skype and the forums still.

    Also, keep your eyes peeled for an announcement sometime this week, before the Synod, to announce our newest Praetors!

    I hope you all do well and if I don't see you sometime this week, I'll see you all on Saturday at our Synod!

    Thanks for reading! :)


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  12. It's the 1st of the month and to kick it off, I'd like to announce that our first winner of Town of the Month in the Overall category is..


    I'd like to give a great big shout out to @Chronus Blazebringer and all the lovely people of Valzanttar for their great work within the community and town!


    Valzanttar has not only been lending out a helping hand for their new players and been a driving force in keeping RP well and alive in their nation, but showcases their beautiful build style as well!


    Here's what some fans had to say:

    "A member of Valzanttar helped me learn how pvp as an Exemplar, their town is very pretty and makes me jeaous. Their members are diverse in all aspects of the server and are open to helping their nation develop. I wish I could live there but sadly a witch who lives in the temple chains me to the capital :(" - Selukkite Fan Boy

    "They are so kind so friendly and they are the capital of the most politically involved city state with regards to other nations. Chronus is a real credit and asset to the nation as well as Tim!" - Crazed Heretic

    "Chronus is a very well respected player within Ar-Selukk and has helped me numerous times! Valzanttar is always recruiting new players to become the future of A'therys, and stays very active with the politics of Ar-Selukk." - Friendly Neighbour

    ob28kQN.pngValzanttar's beautiful temple!


    We got the chance to ask Chronus and a couple other folk at Valzanttar some questions and this what they had to say:


    1. What are your town's aspirations and major goals for the future?

    My main goal for the town is to turn it into a sprawling role-play metropolis that provides a wide range of events, activities, and opportunity for all types of role players to come and make the town feel truly alive and vibrant. We hope to accomplish this by designing a fully fleshed out role-play system that will allow members and visitors to role-play every aspect of life in the city. This system will include guides on how to create role-play characters, the culture of Valzanttar, and rules to give a sense of order to the role-play. We also would like to promote role-play through the use of institutions such as the archives, Museum, religious system and university. Using the basis of religion, we hope to establish holidays that we can use to host events. We also hope to establish spots in town that members or even outsiders can build their own role-play hotspots such as taverns, specialty shops, and whatever else the role-players come up with (they are creative bunch you know). This main goal is also intertwined with my other two top goals for the town.

    My secondary goal would be to turn Valzanttar into a burgeoning hub of trade. My hope would be to turn Valzanttar’s future marketplace into an international space where merchants from all over the map income to not only trade their goods but their stories cultures and ideas through the use of the role-play system.

    My third goal which would be assisted by Valzanttar’s role-play system and international market would also be to turn Valzanttar into a political diplomatic hub. I honestly found diplomacy during the last map boring, unfulfilling, and ineffective. I hope to change this by injecting more role-play into diplomatic talks between Nandar, the city state that Valzanttar resides in, to create a more fulfilling and lasting effect. Recently I have been speaking to the head of foreign affairs of the dagger lands and below is a short list of how I thought establishing diplomatic relations should proceed and is a system I hope to refine and use for all future diplomacy talks.
    •    Establish an embassy in Monas- So that I have a presence and location in The Daggerlands from which I can voice my opinions/concerns to The Daggerlands Gov't. I am still building up my town but as soon as I can I will make a spot available for The Daggerlands to have establish an Embassy in Valzanttar. 

    •    Cultural Exchange Events- As a way of injecting RP into diplomacy and so that both sides can understand the way of life, customs, and traditions. This is a good way to learn about the viewpoints of each other and understand what influences our stances.

    •    RP-Meetings- a bit drier but needed so that both sides can exchange their views and stances on issues in A'therys. I.E- Trading, wars, tensions, etc. 

    •    Treaties- When both sides are comfortable with each other and feel that relations have properly developed then we would be able to make true treaties that both sides are actually committed to.


    2. What things do you find yourself and your residents participating in the most? 

    We seem to build, trade, and role-play the most within Valzanttar. Also lately a growing number of town members have also been participating in PVP raids and having a good amount of fun doing so.

    3. What would you like to say or establish about Valzanttar that you may not have had the chance to do so before?

    I would like to say that everyone is welcomed within Valzanttar, and that I will try my hardest to give you a town and community that you can enjoy and create bonds and memories. 


    4. What's it like to be a part of Valzanttar?

    "Valzanttar has a great community, we many people who make it a great time. We all work together to help the town. We all donate materials or yora or time to help build the town. Back in V2 it was a great town, so I think we are definitely leaving a legacy. The town is very organized, with everything in a specific location. Even the farms are specifically made. There is also great communication through the town skype chat. There has been a lot of town progress, and I hope to RP more with my town mates soon." - @Timbobuhler

    5. What are your favourite thing(s) about your town's community?

    "Our community works together in order to succeed. No matter what they are willing to help with anything they are asked. As a town leader it is important to help your community succeed and stick together no matter what." - @Benattack



    For those interested here are some quick links to their recruitment and town information pages:


    Their town posts will be featured until the 1st of next month and they will also receive an in-game trophy to display in their town, once that is completed by the build team!

    (slightly unrelated, but organized by the same great people!)



    Make sure you congratulate everyone from this lovely town on their hard work and dedication! 

    A very well deserved win! Can't wait to see what's next from you all! :) 



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  13. Hello all!

    After our first meeting of Pyre Warden and Grand Marshal, we have decided with in the best interest of Vrovona and the Legion in mind, to promote two new Generals and two new Centurions.

    Please give your congratulations to @SirBaskomWelford as your new Legatus and @Chadrian as your new Imperator!

    Both players have exhibited outstanding leadership skills and have been great assets to our legion thus far!

    Upon recommendation from @Velkas and I, SirBaskom and Chadrian would also like to welcome..

     @Blackzues15 and @Ving as our newest Centurions!

    Congratulations to our newest Generals and Centurions, I expect great things from you all! :)

    The Legion post will be updated shortly with these changes.

    sorry for all the promotion posts ;.;

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  14. The Imperial Host has had their first official meeting and after quite a considerable amount of debating they finally decided on both a Grand Marshal and a Vesrejn of Bravnikh!

    Congratulations to @Velkas on the position of Grand Marshal!

    He will be forfeiting his position as Imperator in the Legion (though of course he will still be apart of it and helping in leading it, like he always has), which means there will be a slight shuffle in Legion positions in the near future to replace him.

    A second congratulations goes out to @Ving as he's been elected as the very much need Vesrejn of Bravnikh!


    Moving on, our current Praetor's of Commerce, Foreign Affairs and Inquisition are all resigning in the near future for various reason, mostly due to personal real life commitments. 

    Due to this, I am looking for very competent individuals to replace them as soon as possible. If you are interested in either applying for the Praetoral positions of Commerce, Foreign Affairs or Inquisition, please message me your applications. I expect your applications to tell me what make you the best fit for the position, your plans and ideas for the position and how you'd execute them. This is your chance to really brag about yourself (with a degree of modesty of course) and show me that you deserve this.


    So once again, congratulations to our newly elected individuals!

    I know you will both do the nation proud.

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  15. After a little deliberation within the government, we have determined the return of the Grand Marshal would be a great benefit to the nation! What the Grand Marshal's role will be in EVO is that of second in command nation leader, and for when I am not around they are in-charge. This is where the Imperial Host comes in to the picture.


    The Imperial Host will be composed of 9 anonymous players (1 each from 5 of the most active towns leadership, 1 Merchant, 1 Rper and 2 from Decanus/Centurions/Generals) that will be picked randomly from each perspective list. The Host will meet in anonymous chat rooms to discuss things pertaining to the nation, first topic being to elect who will become Grand Marshal.


    If you are one of the randomly chosen to be part of the Host, you will be approached individually and must keep your identity a secret from EVERYONE. If anyone ever finds out you are a part of the host, you will be promptly removed and replaced. @Scickar will be the Staff member overseeing everything, so I will not have a say at all. For the first vote I will be present as an observer only, as I cannot interfere or partake in anything way, shape or form. 


    Scickar has come up with a brilliant guide for the Imperial Host which you can find it here:



    Once the Host has chosen a Grand Marshal, I will want to get to know them, listen to their thoughts and opinions better than anyone else in the government as they are the head representative of the players, so for future Host members, keep that in mind when electing the Grand Marshal. If the person who is elected already holds a government position, they will potentially be asked to give that previous position up for the new one, depending on what the position they held before was.


    Vesrejns will be just under the Grand Marshal in the ranks of player representation, followed by the Generals and Praetors. In regards to Vesrejns, the host will also be taking part in electing vesrejns moving forward, as they would know best who they want to represent them and the rest of the players.


    tl;dr: Grand Marshal will be a player voted in by the anonymous ranks of the Imperial Host - who are picked randomly - to be second in command of the nation and to take over as nation head during any absences.


    Scickar will be approaching those who are picked as Host members later today, so keep your eyes open in case you are one of the lucky few.

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  16. Your first weeks salaries have been given out in-game. Any Vrovonic Legionnaires who would like to see the spreadsheet with everyone's pay, please send me a message and I can link it to you.

    The spreadsheet will be updated weekly, so make sure you bookmark the page!


    For those unaware, as a legionnaire you will receive a salary in regards to how ever many raids you participate in throughout the week. Your Centurions and Generals are in-charge of filling out raid reports for every raid they organize/spear head, with the names of all participants. At the end of the week (Sat/Sun) I will go through the reports and tally the number of raids each person has participated in.


    This week, is the ONLY time those who have participated in raids but are NOT official legionnaires will receive a pay (it is half that of a legionnaires if you're wondering). So if you are one of the many who actively participates and would like to receive the benefits of being a Legionnaire, please sign up at the link below:



    If anyone feels they have been missed on the records for participation, please bring it to your Centurions and General's attentions as they can confirm or deny your account.

    @Velkas @Valaen @SirBaskomWelford @Chadrian


    Thank you all for your outstanding work within the Legion! Keep it up! :)

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  17. I want to correct him, the first tourney on the 23rd is open for the people of Vrovona only and will be bi-weekly, BUT there will be a server wide tourney in the first week of February (repeated monthly), open for ALL to enter and attend! :) 

  18. Hey guys!

    First official Legion Training date will be this Saturday Jan 16th @ 8 pm GMT.

    Session will be bi-weekly starting this Saturday. We have a surprise planned for weeks off, so stay tuned for more on that! I'll also be updating the Information Hub post with the next dates for sessions!

    If you'd like to participate in the Legion Training to better learn your skills, classes or just over-all gain more PvP experience, please comment below with the following format:


    In-game Name:


    Classes You'd Like to Focus on for the Training:


    Those who want to sign up as mentors, please follow the following link and respond there!


    Legionnaires who participate as mentors will receive pay for participating as well as for participating in raids outside sessions. Pay will be determined on an individual basis, dependant on work ethic, and over-all nation involvement. You can expect your weekly pay to be received on every Saturday.

    Thanks for your time! :)

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