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  1. Am away till Saturday, got eye stuff to take care of, oh joy...

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. GodOfGales
    3. Edd


      The op i had has done its job, cornea has regrown, so now i can have a lense and should be back driving

    4. GodOfGales
  2. I hereby declare all Horde, Jedi must die, long live team Plasma.

    1. Chronus


      Execute Order 66.

    2. Galindaan Thewisy
    3. threesevens


      I will carry my decree into a storm of lead! This is total war! My want for tolerance is dead!

  3. Arenas are finally here and currently ready for player testing. Currently ready to go you have basic 1 vs 1, duel requests and duels requests with money. There are multiple different options we will be adding to this, such as automated tournaments ladder style across the weekend in different time zones, different arenas such as town player build ones and different match setups higher than 1 vs 1, teams etc. For the basics just need to be player tested so that’s what this week is about. There is also an ELO / Rating system, it’s a bit weird but pretty much the higher your rating, the better you are doing. Each player starts at 1250. Will try and get some explanation / math if possible. The ratings once player tested will be transmitted live to the website for all to see. Please keep in mind that the ELO scores will be reset this week once tested. We will also try to get an arena KDR / W/L/D for you as well. Ok enough chat on with the commands – this is playable as of now: Game Commands /arena join – puts you in the que to fight a random player. /arena leave – shouldn’t need this because of auto teleports. Request A Duel Commands /arena duel <name of player> - for single duel Challenging with options You can challenge a player specify options. Currently there is only options of money: /arena duel lady_regna money <amount>: Challenge lady_regna to a duel in arena. Each person will pay 100 at the start, winner takes all. Please note that currently when you enter an arena, you are teleported, given your class’s kit to use, you fight, match ends you get teleported back to where you were. This is like this so everyone is on an even playing field as best as possible with gear. You also don’t lose anything. I believe we have skirmishes ready / coming to where you fight with what you bring and can lose it but Jess left me no notes on that (she is away today until the end of the week). This is a very significant and major bit of content added, I hope to god people love it. I know something like this has been wanted by many over the years. Please leave feedback on this thread, report any issues. Other than that, enjoy.
  4. Never forget 8/9/2016 #ForTheAlliance

    1. ThatGuy_777


      Khronokai khrystor. For the Alliance! 

    2. Storm
  5. I stuck Double Exp on for a bit for those who pay attention to the forums :)

  6. Really happy we got to promote 3 new mods this week.

    1. Daniel
    2. epicmrminecraft
    3. Gelmir


      Recruiting faster than the british in WW2

  7. Chris has asked me to give this ut: http://www.mediafire.com/download/4sf113kanxk0913/A'therys+Ascended.zip Enjoy.
  8. Plugin work on the arena system has now begun. Soon people will be juking it out mano vs mano!

    1. Daniel
    2. Timbobuhler
    3. Chronus


      Oh sweet, I am loving the amount of structured pvp that is being introduced lately. 

  9. Aller is just updating conquest scripts then were back folks.

  10. Server downtime - Bungee process begins, connecting second machine.

  11. #TeamInstinct

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    2. Chronus


      I think all the pokemon go players should take a picture of themselves today, and 6 months we take another picture and see how much different we look. 

    3. sirlars


      #TeamMystic Team Instict is for plebs

    4. Edd



  12. If for some reason people never hear form me again it is because i have died or been killed playing pokemon go. Man this stuff is addictive, must have walked 3 miles today alone. Have like 10 pokestops around me and a gym close by, very happy.

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. sirlars


      what team though?

    3. Edd


      No team yet, but i will go team yellow.

    4. sirlars


      #TeamBlue best team

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