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  1. Am away till Saturday, got eye stuff to take care of, oh joy...

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    2. GodOfGales
    3. Edd


      The op i had has done its job, cornea has regrown, so now i can have a lense and should be back driving

    4. GodOfGales
  2. I hereby declare all Horde, Jedi must die, long live team Plasma.

    1. Chronus


      Execute Order 66.

    2. Galindaan Thewisy
    3. threesevens


      I will carry my decree into a storm of lead! This is total war! My want for tolerance is dead!

  3. Arenas are finally here and currently ready for player testing. Currently ready to go you have basic 1 vs 1, duel requests and duels requests with money. There are multiple different options we will be adding to this, such as automated tournaments ladder style across the weekend in different time zones, different arenas such as town player build ones and different match setups higher than 1 vs 1, teams etc. For the basics just need to be player tested so that’s what this week is about. There is also an ELO / Rating system, it’s a bit weird but pretty much the higher your rating, the
  4. Never forget 8/9/2016 #ForTheAlliance

    1. ThatGuy_777


      Khronokai khrystor. For the Alliance! 

    2. Storm
  5. I stuck Double Exp on for a bit for those who pay attention to the forums :)

  6. Really happy we got to promote 3 new mods this week.

    1. Daniel
    2. epicmrminecraft
    3. Gelmir


      Recruiting faster than the british in WW2

  7. Chris has asked me to give this ut: http://www.mediafire.com/download/4sf113kanxk0913/A'therys+Ascended.zip Enjoy.
  8. Plugin work on the arena system has now begun. Soon people will be juking it out mano vs mano!

    1. Daniel
    2. Timbobuhler
    3. Chronus


      Oh sweet, I am loving the amount of structured pvp that is being introduced lately. 

  9. Aller is just updating conquest scripts then were back folks.

  10. Server downtime - Bungee process begins, connecting second machine.

  11. Another interesting week rolls by with more new faces and more life springing up all around the server. First we take a quick look at the technical side of things as we begin the process of adding our second machine and transferring across what will become the PvP / PvE portion of A’therys. Don’t panic, PvP will still be part of the Over world, what I am talking about here is the additional PvP options, conquest and arena’s. Do be expecting a small amount of downtime this weekend, most likely Sunday. We will do our absolute best to limit it. The Mages continue to get th
  12. #TeamInstinct

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    2. Chronus


      I think all the pokemon go players should take a picture of themselves today, and 6 months we take another picture and see how much different we look. 

    3. sirlars


      #TeamMystic Team Instict is for plebs

    4. Edd



  13. If for some reason people never hear form me again it is because i have died or been killed playing pokemon go. Man this stuff is addictive, must have walked 3 miles today alone. Have like 10 pokestops around me and a gym close by, very happy.

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    2. sirlars


      what team though?

    3. Edd


      No team yet, but i will go team yellow.

    4. sirlars


      #TeamBlue best team

  14. Sanders, thank you for the class sheets you have produced, Equitem thank you for helping out. Really appreciate the work and effort put in, these will be extremly helpful for newer players.

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    2. TheSandersLad
    3. Daniel


      time to add them to the script :D thnx so much guys <33

    4. Inflames


      Some of them are outdated but still these are going to be a hella lot easier to read than the ingame versions.

  15. May get to the poing of connecting a second machine this week, would be really cool to test out large fights when its done.

  16. FYI - Adding in Dragons Head to blocks cache. They make dope hats.

    1. Chronus


      Get the dragon head and some wings, and presto your a baby dragon. 

    2. Daniel


      Omg chronus yea xD

    3. Chronus


      Yeah @Dannie , people are basically going to look like this


  17. 4 more skills to fix and then were back!

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    2. Daniel


      @Jessica quickerthanjohn2016



    3. Inflames


      What happened to John anyway?

    4. Daniel


      Left because his irl job was hammering his time

  18. A'therys - i do love you.

    1. Daniel
    2. charlotteXcharles


      well atherys is the community, so we love you too <3

    3. Phil


      Suprise lol :OOOOOO

  19. Xenophobia, bigotry and economic short sightedness win today, the pound to dollar falls to a record low and my country begins its journey on the road to economic instability, higher cost of living and a weaker existence. Ironically our independence has now put us in a weaker position in the so say “fight to control borders” now we don’t have the shared information pool.

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    2. Edd


      weak and just about to elect a racist as president ishaan.

    3. Eojinn


      Let's see if the new government (Boris Johnson for PM?lol) will push for special agreements with EU akin to Norway or Switzerland. It's extremely unfair that the old bigots voting UKIP has put the younger population, who will be influenced by this far more, into a shittier situation. Gotta love the old people who complain about immigrants taking the country/jobs, when it's a direct consequence from being a former colonial super power. 

      I hope Scotland leaves with Northern Ireland and rejoins the EU.

    4. Dan The Derp

      Dan The Derp


  20. For the first time in a very long time i can easily say i am happy, just striaght up happy.

  21. FINALLY! Heroes 1.9 SQL version is in my hands. Expect prelim 1.9 update to Atherys shortly.

  22. Spent the last two days out in the yard getting it all nice, worth it., looking really awesome now.

    1. Gelmir


      Girls like them tanned boys

    2. HaedHutner


      ... "out"? Like, "out-side"?

    3. Daniel


      Yes @HaedHutner.


      And the flowers looks dank ed

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