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  1. Greetings warriors and travelers, I go by the name Amias Carter Jonesaeus (IGN: Mattallamune72). As the title states, I am one of the original members of A'therys Ascended (at the time) V1 server. A select few of you may recall seeing me in game back in those times however many of you probably don't. I started around 2013 when I was middle school after being introduced by an old friend at my school. He got me onto A'therys and right then I fell in love with the server. I departed around 2015 or 2016 and never returned. When I returned to the forums to reminisce, I was completely shocked when I logged on to see this server was still going strong after so many years. This truly speaks to the strength and longevity of the community and server staff. It made me proud because this was the server that started my love for RPG style MC servers and MMO games in general. It is 2020 now and I would like formally announce my return to the server. I hope to recreate some of the old memories I've had in the past that made me fall in love A'therys. My history V1. I would put the history for my V2 experience but I do not have very good memories of the server. With that out of the way, who am I? Well I'm a 20 year old Business Administration student at a university in the South. Since this COVID-19 crisis and these riots, I have a lot of time to allocate to A'therys and other games. My hobbies include hanging out with family and friends, watching One Piece (that's a hobby in itself), playing sports and making YouTube videos on my channel. If you want to subscribe and support it, here's the link. I will be likely be posting videos on this server with some friends while it is still in Test. The Channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3rXGkI3PCak5mnvwjj2wJA?view_as=subscriber My Best Work I hope you enjoyed reading my story on this server. I hope to meet many of you in game and in general. If you want to say what's up or talk about A'therys memories, my discord is Mattallamune72 #8338. ❤️

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