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  1. The snowy nation of Vrovona!! Had a great time with my guest @carlthealien
  2. Ar-Selukk!! I hope you guys enjoy! @FairyDL is the host for this one! Thanks for watching.
  3. The second video in the series. Like and sub to make sure to know when the next video comes out!
  4. Disclaimer: I do apologize for the rough FPS on this in the beginning. I will try to get optifine for the next video. Now, this is a very special video to me. This is the map, along with V2, that I played almost exclusively when I was younger. I made this video for myself and the community to come back and reminisce on old memories and look at old builds. In A'therys Ascended V1, there six nations: Roreg Logh, Monas Roth, Aloreh, Ithero, Vrovona, and Ar-Selukk. I will be doing a video on each nation with a new guest/tour guide every time. If you want to keep updated when I
  5. Greetings warriors and travelers, I go by the name Amias Carter Jonesaeus (IGN: Mattallamune72). As the title states, I am one of the original members of A'therys Ascended (at the time) V1 server. A select few of you may recall seeing me in game back in those times however many of you probably don't. I started around 2013 when I was middle school after being introduced by an old friend at my school. He got me onto A'therys and right then I fell in love with the server. I departed around 2015 or 2016 and never returned. When I returned to the forums to reminisce, I was completely shocked when I

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