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  1. hppy birthday babe 

    1. Aller
    2. Dan The Derp

      Dan The Derp

      happy birthday

      one step closer to dieing

      so congrats closet admin

  2. tfw staff member replies to a topic then locks it to get the last word xD pDgnwmc.png

    1. Velkas
    2. Dan The Derp
    3. jrr5556


      common occurrence i find here

  3. Iceland 2, England 1  #Brexit

    @Edd @MisChiv You couldn't write a script better than this

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Saterra


      srsly though its just a series of really unfortunate events for england right now sad_pepe__feels_bad_man__vector_by_hirus

    3. Edd


      Well joke while you can because soon, Trump gets in and the shoe is going to be right on the other foot. Then were all going to need a cuppa.

    4. Aller


      Oh the irony. We were sitting and talking about how hilarious it would be if this actually happened. It's like a dream come true. 

  4. @Edd @MisChiv I guess your guys' kids won't have to learn Arabic as their first language after all am7nvpD.png

  5. <3 chesty chest @LoveGonzo

    1. LoveGonzo


      Ahh you're enjoying it also you guys all over there writing comebacks as a group yet?

    2. Saterra
  6. Sometimes people need to just accept that theyre trash at pvp and that others are gods and better than them am i right??? B2C108C08257988EF3C3DDBBE88EAC2D9ACD2F5D

    1. Riftblade


      I accept the fact that I'm trash

  7. Your a hacking scumbag and worst thing that's ever happened to the server

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    2. Velkas
    3. Dan The Derp
    4. ademola


      Dan how you just gonna expose me in front of the entire forums like that

  8. Apparently I'm a hacking scumbag and the worst thing that's ever happened to the server boystumblr_inline_nr0ud3Y1Uq1tx2f2t_540.jpg

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