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  1. Does this remind anyone else of the kotaku article about anthems development? The lack of direction admitted to especially all you are missing is a larger corporation taking away staff you need halfway through development to work on mass effect andromeda Honestly at this point id just take playing the “craft to exile” modpack on an atherys map with the server resources intensive tech mods and minecolonies disabled and towns enabled itd be PRETTY close to an atherys experience, less class based builds but throwing fireballs and using skills feels very similar
  2. getting into MC again so decided id check back on atherys

    now i see you cant play in old nations, BUT YOULL NEVER TAKE MY DAGGERLANDER NATIONAL PRIDE AWAY, NEVER

    1. Daniel
    2. charlotteXcharles


      make the daggerlands great again!

  3. if the admins think anyone deserves a town with a bunch of spare plots, you can give them mine

    im just....not into minecraft anymore, i stuck around a long time because of the community (you guys are great and i love you all) and i might pop in maybe once a month but im not doing anything with my town

    1. GodOfGales


      Since it's in The Daggerlands, perhaps give @Jynxi authority to commission it?

      Love ya charl <3

    2. Jynxi


      Sorry just read this now. we will see about this charlotte but i like to talk about it so i know what these plots that you are giving me being part of your town or plots unused. best to talk to the admins (@Dannie is probably the best bet) and me (current steward of the Daggerlands) either in a chat room or in private messages about what you are doing so we don't step on your toes. 

      Thanks ;)

  4. so can someone please tell me why townies cant build or switch in my town anymore? only the mayor can open or build anything, what in yeors name is going on?

    1. Daniel


      The permissions you Mayor has set is affecting it. Tell them to enable resident permissions. /t set perm

  5. just realised ive had an account for 3 years, and this year ive barely been online.... i dont want to quit because ive been here so long but i also barely play minecraft anymore....

  6. is the server up? i changed minecraft versions to the new update just like the server was updated to and cant join, is it down for bugfixes?

    1. charlotteXcharles


      never mind server came back up for me

      im literally the only person online though........ just me all by myself on the server

      aaaaannddd server is back down so i guess bug fixing and testing is going on

    2. Daniel


      Yes we were going up and down on Friday bug fixing an economy bug, which is now fixed. @ultravioletpixie

      The server is now up as of yesterday with conquest on and should remain up until the Nether Island is ready. :) 

    3. ultravioletpixie
  7. my life the past few days:
    1.looking up fanart for breath of the wild version of link because damn he is cute
    2. and listening to the witcher 3 concert, wich is amazing and you should all listen to it

  8. I still find it funny I saw you comment on a Steve shoves video :P

  9. so i literally spent 10 hours straight playing rimworld today without even noticing how long it was

    i sit down to play after lunch and all of a sudden its 11 at night

    i only meant to play a few hours......, this game has me worse than civ5 did

    1. TaTer120


      That's happened to me several times.

  10. i really have barely been playing minecraft, i should just give my town to someone else.....i havent done anything with it

    1. Burnside


      I'll take it off your hands ;)

  11. nvidia still killing minecraft.....q.q i cant logggg innnnnn

    i dont want to lose my town q.q

    stupid nvidia drivers

    1. Daniel



      Try to uninstall the drivers you are using atm with Device Manager or the NVIDIA software. Once done that, download this http://uk.download.nvidia.com/GFE/GFEClient/

      What I linked above is the auto-detect for drivers and will install the needed drivers for your system. If you still cant get it working, pm me on Forums and I'll give you indepth help.

  12. ugh nvidia just freaking release an update that stops breaking minecraft

    we know its your fault, and you dont make it easy to roll back the drivers, so JUST FIX IT ALREADY I WANT TO PLAY MINECRAFT

  13. so new nvidia graphics driver broke minecraft......gg, so i want to play i just have to wait until they fix it

    1. Ghost8797


      lol haven't updated yet, glad I didn't

  14. we all got a chicken duck woman thing waiting for us

    every day i worry all day, about whats waiting in the bushes of love

    'cause somethings waiting in the bushes for us

    something's waiting in the bushes of love

    1. Burnside


      BlR makes the best songs tbh

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