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  1. hppy birthday babe 

    1. Aller
    2. Dan The Derp

      Dan The Derp

      happy birthday

      one step closer to dieing

      so congrats closet admin

  2. There appears to have been a bit of confusion in regards to event times at Conquest, and with good reason. The event times were not what I had stated, due to the system time on A'therys using MDT instead of EDT as I had assumed it would've since that's what the Heroes Testing Server uses. That has all been fixed now, and the event times are as seen on the illustration:


    1. Eojinn


      Or you could add a timer beneath the GTZ. 

  3. Small update on Conquest. I wanted to replace the old progress UI so that it would utilize the boss bar instead of the action bar due to Heroes 1.9 already using that for CDs. This however turned out to be possible until we update to 1.10, due to a bug in the current version of Denizen that we're using. In the mean time I'll be using a countdown in sidebar as a replacement. Seeing as I spent most of the day figuring out why the boss bar wasn't working, that'll be a project for the next few days once I have some time on my hands. As some of you know I'm currently really busy with work leaving little to no time for A'therys. 

    1. Edd


      Tyvm for the update Aller. And yes busy is an understatement, that long at work, in teh restaurant industry, well i get you 100%.

  4. Thought that I'd give people a quick update on Conquest. As most of you probably know Full Effect Hosting has merged with PureVoltage Enterprises Inc. meaning that we're currently without a Testing Server. As a result of that, we're currently unable to do any work. With that being said, we're very close to a release. All we need is to test a couple of new mechanics and sort out the mob spawns. This is all doable in a day or two, but until we get our new testing server up and running, we have our hands tied. 

    1. Chronus


      Oh well that sucks but good to hear conquest I'd just about done, I am looking forward to it.

    2. Timbobuhler


      That's unfortunate about the servers, but nothing to be done about that. But I'm sure many, including me, would prefer to wait and get a really good expirience!

    3. InsanibleLector


      Thank you for the update. Looking forward to this when it's ready to go.

  5. Brady is officially new mayor of Claridge seeing as I won't be playing anymore. You guys take care and have fun.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. CoNmAn621


      Why are you not going to be playing?


    3. Aller


      I'm too busy IRL to feel like I’m fully committed to playing on the server and I don’t like doing things half arsed. Besides I've played on the server for quite a few years and everything that server has to offer including the community quite frankly does not feel as appealing to me as they used to. So yeah, I guess you could say that I'd rather spent what little time I have on something a little more worthwhile like friends and family. 

    4. Wolfessmoon


      be free and be safe and happy, aller uwu

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