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  1. Towns by default will be sustainable. Yes that means less of them, but land grabs are only one of a few problems we have with microtowns. You are an established player. You know what makes you happy and you can adapt to a number of things, low player count being one of them. But new players don't know those things. They log in and try to join a town which is closed to them, and they leave. They never came back. For the past 3 years it's been the same story - we've never had problems attracting new logins, we've had problems with retaining players beyond their first 15 minutes on the server. We identified the types of towns that you like as a main culprit for that. "Close knit small groups" do not take in new players. They don't offer help, head to a capital to feed, educate, and include new players. They don't want to interact with that aspect of the server, which is their right. But it hurts the server. Eventually, all towns become two or three player exclusive towns, and new players have nowhere to go unless a nation head sets up a noob town, which lasts about two weeks before they can't deal with it anymore. Instead, you're going to need to have new players to sustain yourself. You're going to have to work together to expand your friend groups. Cliques are fun but they're also harmful to anyone not part of them. We know it's a trade-off between how much independence you'll have and how much we can cater to inclusiveness - but if we allow mini-plots for small groups, EVERYONE will do that and leave nowhere to go for new recruits. Overall, you CAN theoretically have a smaller town. You will all just have to be super dedicated to the server to keep it running. Yes that means less towns. Yes that means towns will be bigger by default. But that's one of the ways we're working on making the server sustainable in the long run.
  2. Nation: Dalkun-Tir The cleavers, raised to the sky, represent the belief that one day they will destroy the Daidamese; Orvesu will make the skies and rivers turn red and lead them to the mountains of Daidama. The orange/beige represents the great dust fields of Khoro-Ter. In game without Conquest: https://www.needcoolshoes.com/banner?=baotbohjbcbios In game with Conquest:
  3. Discuss, and reasons why. Poll will be up until Saturday.
  4. Those restrictions always existed, whether it was purposely or as a byproduct of the dwindling server population. And ultimately the choice splintered the community, furthering inactivity. We are very much dedicated to eliminating the age old splitting of the community into two distinct and incompatible parts (PvP vs RP). We're trying new things, new ways to encourage players to have to engage in a bit of both to get the most out of the game. I tried not to use the word force, as you said there should be a choice, but we do want to make it difficult for players to shut off the other side of the coin. Some of the ways we plan to do this is through revamping PvP to make it a bit more accessible to new players and non-veteran players, or encouraging player characters through in-game achievements. The towns are the other major way to do that. Hopefully each town will have a mix of players that contribute in their own way. The RP-favouring players can engage in trade, art, building, etc, to make money that way. The PvP players will be welcome for the tax benefits and the rewards PvP will give the town. Instead of 10 towns with two players doing one thing each, we'd like 2 towns with 10 players doing all those things. You still will have the freedom to play how you want, you'll just have to be more well-rounded in your playstyle. And it won't be 100% restrictive. If you're so vehemently against and unable to participate in one aspect of the server, it's a matter of finding players with the same mindset and making your own town. It'll then be on you to maintain it. In terms of applications/play styles, we've discussed it and it will probably play some part: players seeking a specific game style can be pointed in the right direction by the nation head who will know what each town has claimed to be focused on. Ultimately we'll monitor the situation and make changes if needed, but a radical shift at first is better to change old mentalities if we think they're detrimental to the success of the server. Good points though (Y)
  5. There is a lot to answer and talk about here, so bear with me. I and the rest of the staff fully understand the apprehension about this new system. The question of "will this be too restrictive" was the number one thing we debated on this issue. The answer we believe is no, with a number of clarifications. First off, we do want it to be somewhat restrictive. We know what this will mean for small, close-knit groups of friends - but we actively want the inevitable outcome of this. We want to force players to group together in ways they hadn't before. New players entering our old system were all-too-often met with "sorry, our town is not accepting at the moment. We have 4 players that are close friends and we aren't online so it's best you find somewhere else." Or, they may have been met with "no, you're part of x group, we don't really play with them, we're our own clique" (not in those exact words, but the sentiment was there). This is something we wish to eliminate in Horizons entirely. The other problem with this type of town is that they end up taking space and being dead weight on a nation. How do you create a town based voting government if you don't know which towns are active or just might pop in to oppose something once a month? Abandoned or single-player towns created a bad image for new players joining, namely, "where is everyone?" With these points in mind, along with a few others, we wanted towns in Horizons to do a certain number of things. One, they had to remain active, for reasons stated above. And two, they had to provide new players with a sense of community. The same sense we had in v1 or even in v2. The kind that encourages players to go from new members to established members of the community. And to do that we had to break apart the traditional way towns were. We needed a system that promoted and incentivized towns actively seeking new members any time they logged in. The solution to this is the tax upkeep system. This provided us with a way of making each member valuable - from a newbie to a veteran, every soul will count. Everyone's work will contribute and be necessary for the town to exist, let alone thrive. It allows us to stop players from over-expanding with 3 players, it allows us to ensure players have regular goals to work towards, and it ensures new players won't wander through empty cities calling for help before they log off forever. It also attempts to bring together groups that traditionally may not have wanted to play together. This can break up some of the existing cliques and open them to accepting new players, which is critical to having them come back. The problem with allowing towns to start off small is that Atherys will always have a subset of players that are fine with staying small, no matter the incentive to grow. There are always players who desire complete creative control and are willing to shut out everyone else to get their perfect little home, only it's not so little when it's a sprawling empty city. We expect a much greater increase in player population than our current one or even previous ones. We are working on advertising campaigns that should hopefully bring in an influx of players through a variety of channels. These will ramp up closer to a launch date as it is difficult to sell players in the long term on unreleased promises, without them already knowing about A'therys actually delivering in the past. The exact numbers (town members, population, tax percentages, etc) will be adjusted accordingly in the first few months as the server economy and population stabilizes. This is a work in progress, and details to solve some of the issues that may come up will come later. I know this won't address all the points you have both made but hopefully it provides some insight to our thinking.
  6. The NPC towns and frontier towns will serve a different purpose. Its unlikely that they'll be habitable. They may be hubs for trade or questing, or other reasons. Some other PvP related stuff is planned, but more info will come later. Nation capitals will be run by the nation head or a delegate and have some of the functioning of a normal town, though your lodgings may be a little shoddier. Individually you'll still be able to trade, but the capital will be more akin to a starter town than a traditional player town. That will likely be up to you and your mayor. Generally speaking, the more the merrier - the upkeep system means that players, even occasional ones will be helpful to paying off the taxes. It is unlikely a town will reject you even if you can't play 24/7, or so we hope. The tax is meant to incentivise player grouping instead of splintering into one or two people towns.
  7. Are you looking to buy a prime piece of property this side of the Stormwall? Well have I got a deal for you! Today we have a special post for you as a small update, which will hopefully provide some insight into the functioning of towns in Horizons. As you know, towns are an important aspect of the server experience. They provide us with shelter, community, and inspire us to build and immerse ourselves in the map. However, some changes are important to know for the release of Horizons. Towns - Towns will no longer be purchasable with real money: all towns will be available within the game using in-game currency. - We will no longer be using Towny; a custom plugin is being developed for our specific needs. - There will be a minimum player requirement to start a town. No longer will one or two person towns be allowed to set up – our preliminary go-to number has been 10 people, but this may change (however it will not change drastically, so be prepared.) Without this minimum your purchase will be rejected by your nation head. - Each town will be required to pay a periodic upkeep through in-game currency. This will automatically be charged to your town bank; nonpayment will result in penalties up to eventual removal of your town. The upkeep will require that minimum of people to meet – extra hands will lighten the burden for you. Maintaining an active player-base will therefore be crucial to the survival of your town. We are aware that this number is high – it is meant to be. You may need to reach out to players you have not traditionally played with to meet the requirements. With this, new players will be valued as potential contributors to the towns upkeep and be welcomed everywhere. - Towns who keep their PvP status on (more on this later*) will be granted special privilege – their upkeep rates will be lower, allowing for less work to be spent mining and trading, and more time slaying and looting. This may not seem like much of a benefit at first, but players will quickly see the value in having to pay less tax. There will be more information on this process at a later date. - To facilitate players without a town, capitals will be livable – Considered a starter town, the nation head will be tasked with overseeing the running of their nation hub. In it you will be given opportunity for room and board in case you are unable to join a player-ran town. Your lodgings may not be as luxurious as if you were in a player ran town though. More information will be released later, and all above is subject to change! This is the working explanation for the town mechanic – it may be tweaked, however the main points are relatively safe to assume as true unless stated otherwise. (Just an example of a title deed given by a nation Head)
  8. Cities and Player Interaction

    @Foe A post about towns has been written up, I'm not sure why it hasn't been posted yet. I'll get on that today. There is a marked difference in cities and player towns for Horizons. Much of what you're saying is already in the works. Keep your eye on the forums within the next few hours.
  9. Hoffren's Shipyard

    Excellent work! These are quite nice. I always like small ships, they're tough to do without much space. You can also use half-slabs and vertical half-slabs in conquest to get some more angles going, especially with the bowsprit.
  10. Howdy!

    Welcome! Stick around, we hope to see you online with Horizons!
  11. Atherys Evo photos

    I have quite a few! The Halion Bank of Commerce springs up mysteriously overnight! Little did we know a portal to Astor's Vault lay in the basement... An expeditionary ship waits for adventurers to join them on their way to Llan Ruth. The Christmas Village was home to sweatshops, capitalist agitators working against the proletariat, chavvy elves, and of course, Satan Santa himself! Raiders loot a hidden tomb full of treasure!
  12. Sellt’s Diary 08/15/2017

    I quite like your post here for the most part! I completely agree with the freedom of the market prices. While I think in real life certain regulations are necessary, you and many others have pointed out that A'therys is just a game. It's core purpose is to be fun. Chronus and I both spent a while trying to get rid of the arbitrary restrictions on the price of goods, aka admin shops. I would not want those repeated at the start either, and I don't think we will need to. We're gonna have to find that perfect distribution of the goods and materials people need and make them actually obtainable through work, which will in itself set prices. The one thing that we do however need to control is inflation. I know you are not personally concerned with this but I believe an uncontrollable inflation rate is what ruined a lot of the fun of Evo early on. We had infinite money flowing in from useless items and not enough flowing out. This can make the game too easy, which does ruin the fun for everyone! Not just directly by making players less likely to log on and play, but by forcing others to adjust to how easy money is to gain (making it less valuable). All of a sudden there's no point in trading (seriously, did anyone actually play as a trader all throughout Evo?), there's no point paying players with it when they can just get tons more on their own through less work, there's no point farming/working when it's laughably easy to buy survival goods, etc. It's just something I think we need to monitor for a while. Within a month or two we should be able to recognize patterns and adjust coin sinks/sources accordingly. The final thing is to encourage circulation of money and we can do that by making basic survival more costly (I can see you giggling gleefully at the thought of taxing the poor) and restrictive to certain people. A lot of these ideas we had floating around even in Evo but there was little point in applying them to an already broken system without hope of putting a dent in the problems.
  13. Sellt’s Diary 08/15/2017

    I didn't mention chest shops, I said admin shops As for @redninja685 he didn't intend for it to be intended towards anything, I asked him about it when he posted it and he was just joking in his usual manner. I do agree that oversight is necessary, we're looking into the econ stuff at the moment.
  14. A'therys Horizons

    I see the point both you and @DarkAtlantean are trying to make, and again, it would totally be true for all previous versions of A'therys. Compromise has sometimes (well, pretty often) made both sides unhappy. And for some things, like certain PvP ideas, there is a clear imbalance of who that affects, mostly PvPers negatively. For others it has been the other way around. But in some ways, we're trying to make those decisions no longer needed. We won't have to choose between one or the other, and that's not because we're choosing a "middle ground" but because we are revamping the way those things work entirely. It would be easier if I could give examples but my hands are tied until closer to launch.

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