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  1. Do dragon eggs behave the same way on A'therys as they do in normal MC?

  2. Honestly there is no better feeling than the satisfaction of finishing an art piece 


  3. Unfinished doodle of what I think the Strovorach might look like. B8mpznG.jpg

  4. Anyone who can help me find out what happened to my town after I left? It was called Eladia, and it was near the capital of Aloreh. (Probably got removed but I'm asking anyways)

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    2. Galindaan Thewisy

      Galindaan Thewisy

      It was definitely removed plot wise but the buildings stayed there for a long long time.

    3. Myra Tawlhyn

      Myra Tawlhyn

      They were pretty good buildings, I was proud of them.

    4. Galindaan Thewisy

      Galindaan Thewisy

      They were nice and fit the area 

  5. It has been so long

    1. Eojinn


      Welcome back! Question is do you still worship Shol fanatically like in the good ol' days.

    2. knoah
  6. Hello again, dysphoria

  7. Spooky scary skeletons, send shivers down your spine...

    Shrieking skulls will shock your soul, seal your doom tonight...


    Spooky scary skeletons, speak with such a screech...

    You'll shake and shudder in surprise, when you hear these zombies screech...

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