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  1. OccidentalAnvil

    Farewell from the Loremaster

    In little over a month, I'll mark the fifth anniversary of a harebrained scheme which saw the creation of this server and its community. If you'd told me then that all of this would've come from a university classroom idea for the replacement of then laid-low Shadows of Gazamo, I would've been thoroughly amused. If you'd said I'd spend five years alongside it, I would've probably laughed at you. But here we are. A'therys has become more than just a silly idea, more than I certainly could've imagined when I was some random guy trying to convince Vorske to throw common sense out the door and fund it. And it's because of you guys, veterans and fresh faces alike. Perhaps in no other game does the community define the experience quite like Minecraft, and it is to you all that I now say goodbye. As Edd indicated in his own post, now is the time for other things. I have graduated college and successfully found a job, which will take up most of my time as it should. All the rest will be dedicated to various Gazamo adventures and other fun hobbies. Of course one of those hobbies will remain my version of A'therys, just as it always has, though now strictly as a personal project. How your stalwart crew of admins and staff steer this version of the world is now, of course, their prerogative alone. Long-winded enough, I think, to resemble a News post from me. It's been a pleasure serving as your Loremaster these years, through times both tough and fruitful, and I've little doubt that A'therys will persevere in our absence. This place has given me opportunity in realms I never could've hoped for, and I wouldn't trade my time here for anything. Who knows what a breath of fresh air will bring? I hope you're anxious to find out. As always, and finally, -OA ----------------- "I have done things in this life, Sunseeker, of which I am not proud. Abhorrent things, secret things. But in their doing, I know a million souls have been impassioned, have shaken loose the bindings of anguish and remorse. In my dreadful passing, I have given them a future, built in their image and not in mine. It weighs heavy upon me, and even in the teachings of the Twins I find no solace. I seek their balance for myself, that I might find answers, but they grant me no vision. Tell me, what must I make of this? How can I know that what I have done is right?" "Those who watch, they see what they will, and are quick to judge. A story must have its hero, its villain, that simpler minds might revel in its telling. But those who Do, who Did, to us the dust that rises from action is as gray as the winter mountain, and glints as brightly in the moonlight as it does beneath Vrovona's Eye. In the moment, the passion of an actor is his only guidance. We hope the world is ready for what we bring." "How then can we be sure?" "We cannot."
  2. DAMN YOU OA!!!!
    I saw a forum alert and was like "OMG; OA POSTED!!! NEW LORE INFO!!!"

    1. OccidentalAnvil


      I know, I know. Another project to get through first. Also, I did get a job! But it's with a military contractor so now I gotta worry about background checks and paperwork and what-all. I can totally promise, however, that sooner rather than later now I'll have a good schedule! I can plan things! And I'll have good internet~ So once I've moved, I'll be starting Lore Corners again, and I'll be writing again. Which isn't to say I haven't been writing, but it's been in fits and starts, and only stories, not articles. Like I said though, for real, it's coming soon. Hopefully very soon. :D

      Oh and also, the sooner I hit ~500 replies on that survey, the sooner I'll be free to go back to this as well. So spread that around, I know you know people Xathas. :P

  3. With luck, I may soon be gainfully employed. Project Triple-A suspended during the interview process (also I'm conveniently sick), but I think you'll like what I come back with! There's a schedule and everything.

    1. Dan The Derp

      Dan The Derp

      Pwease be a summer rime.. Pweety pwease?

    2. Vnthy


      Look forward to it, good luck with your interview's :) 

    3. Xathas


      @Dan The Derp
      Er..... "a summer rime" is abit of an odd way to phrase it. Since Rime is an accumulation of granular ice tufts ((hence why it was used as the name because the villain was ice-based... and because it's a pun of summertime))

      But agreed on the matter of "let's have a fun summer event!" 

  4. "Where's he been? What's he up to? Didn't he say he was gonna come back like two months ago!?" Patience. I'm... up to something.

    1. Swiggle


      Is it more school? It's more school isn't it, you've already finished your PhD

    2. OccidentalAnvil


      Not school for me, no. Something else, something fun for you all. Stories.

    3. Swiggle
  5. I've been silent for a while. Too long. Expect something from me soon, not SoonTM.

  6. OccidentalAnvil

    A'therian Archives Have Launched

    Or, someone listened to me once long ago when I first made them, and it's trickled down. These things have a funny way of working out! -OA
  7. OccidentalAnvil

    A'therian Archives Have Launched

    Neither is the map. You can't go see the nations "on the other side of the world," the Daggerlands is not two islands, neither is Roreg Logh, etc. It's a Minecraft representation. There's a good many things I won't be kowtowing to on the server, and nitpicking geography is one of them. I'll throw in compass directions and all that which are currently correct because it's easy to change, but I'm not going to try and explain why there's a giant strait between Aloreh and Roreg Logh. lol Or any of the other major points of contention. Let's just pretend that somewhere in between the trek from Tireneas to the Loghec border you gotta take a boat ride and I forgot to mention it. -OA
  8. OccidentalAnvil

    A'therian Archives Have Launched

    Whoops, links were messed up. Fixed now; if you see any other issues like that, let me know. -OA
  9. OccidentalAnvil

    A'therian Archives Have Launched

    Likely gone permanently. They'll get mentioned in other pages. Nothing's final though, so who knows. -OA
  10. OccidentalAnvil

    A'therian Archives Have Launched

    Check out the page on Sal-Ba'ari. They are the kajrohim capital after all. -OA
  11. OccidentalAnvil

    A'therian Archives Have Launched

    It is safe to assume two things: First, if it's not in the official wiki, there's no guarantee I consider it canon. Second, the official wiki is always being updated and added to. I left out the old mushroom isle for the same reason I left out a lot of other things in the update, not because I never intend to add it back but because it'll take some effort to do right and I have other plans that are more pressing. You will notice, for example, that Qhugat'ayu-oru and the Netherworld have no pages at present. This is not because I retconned them, that is very much not the case. It is instead because they were woefully inaccurate or inadequate in their present state, and require some serious work to bring into line. That said, there are things I left out on purpose, which will not be seen again in the official archives. Some of it, I may release soon onto the Player Lore site, just so it's not wasted. -OA
  12. OccidentalAnvil

    A'therian Archives Have Launched

    "Ah yes, welcome to the shining jewel of Aloreh, a favorite of Thesse beloved, the mighty Pomme de Terre!" That should answer that question pretty easily. I'm not gonna cherrypick towns and risk the wrath of the spurned residents of other cities. I've also got no interest in writing a realistic history for a town and steamrolling whatever the players had for it. Better to just make more cities. Besides, nations are huge, what's the harm. -OA
  13. OccidentalAnvil

    A'therian Archives Have Launched

    Well, it's finally here. Officially, at any rate, apparently we weren't trying all that hard to keep it locked down before yesterday. Because last night is when I threw the switch and sent the A'therian Archives live from the forums. Thanks so much to @Nathan for his help on the coding side! Inside, you'll find the world of A'therys, with a lot of knowledge and a few secrets. Later today, once I've added the page won by our top donator @Sellt, I'll have 160 pages up there for you. That's significantly more than before, particularly since I culled a lot of pages before adding new. Now, since we're talking about what's better about this new implementation, let's break it down: Better Categories! You all care about your nations most, so navigation is primarily centered around them. Better Navigation! So much easier to use, just click the page you care about in standard drill-down menu fashion. Better Mobile! Yep, the thing auto-formats to smaller screens, just like the site. Try it on your phone, it's a really nice experience. Official Cities! I've had people asking me about this one for literal years. I'm sure you care more about your own towns, but here these are. Site Integration! My personal favorite, the whole thing is displayed without you ever leaving the website. Looks nice, plays nice, no mess. I'm sure there's more but those five things are what spring to mind at the moment. To go see it for yourself, you can either click the big "A'therian Archives" menu button up there, or you can hover over it then click the "Official Lore" button that pops up, either one works. I hope you enjoy! -OA
  14. I'm about to send the wiki officially live. It is still "today" by my timezone, so it only took four more days than initially announced. Good thing I never did it through official channels, or something. Those posts and whatnot will come tomorrow after I've slept a bit, so be on the lookout for them if you're into that sort of thing. Mostly it's a "here's what's gone live" announcement post and a Changelog I intend to keep fairly accurately. Anvil out, hope you enjoy. We'll talk tomorrow.

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. vintners
    3. Oricalcum


      Wiki looks great, thank you Anvil!

    4. Xathas


      " it's not like it took a genius to figure out how to edit the URL this whole time to see behind the scenes. "

      -whistles innocently-

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