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  1. With luck, I may soon be gainfully employed. Project Triple-A suspended during the interview process (also I'm conveniently sick), but I think you'll like what I come back with! There's a schedule and everything.

    1. Dan The Derp

      Dan The Derp

      Pwease be a summer rime.. Pweety pwease?

    2. Vnthy


      Look forward to it, good luck with your interview's :) 

    3. Xathas


      @Dan The Derp
      Er..... "a summer rime" is abit of an odd way to phrase it. Since Rime is an accumulation of granular ice tufts ((hence why it was used as the name because the villain was ice-based... and because it's a pun of summertime))

      But agreed on the matter of "let's have a fun summer event!" 

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