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  1. DAMN YOU OA!!!!
    I saw a forum alert and was like "OMG; OA POSTED!!! NEW LORE INFO!!!"

    1. OccidentalAnvil


      I know, I know. Another project to get through first. Also, I did get a job! But it's with a military contractor so now I gotta worry about background checks and paperwork and what-all. I can totally promise, however, that sooner rather than later now I'll have a good schedule! I can plan things! And I'll have good internet~ So once I've moved, I'll be starting Lore Corners again, and I'll be writing again. Which isn't to say I haven't been writing, but it's been in fits and starts, and only stories, not articles. Like I said though, for real, it's coming soon. Hopefully very soon. :D

      Oh and also, the sooner I hit ~500 replies on that survey, the sooner I'll be free to go back to this as well. So spread that around, I know you know people Xathas. :P

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