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  1. JupiterRome

    What are your plans for when Horizons releases?

    Make a family owned bread company with the 3 Adopted children and Husband I'll probably have by then.
  2. JupiterRome

    What you wanna see from the Combat Plugin?

    #BringBackSeek #BringBackSummonFood
  3. Don't worry I'm sure we'll get more useful items such as more wood/leaf/sapling blocks as soon as all 9796 chairs are done being made
  4. JupiterRome


    Coming Soon® Also as a member of the very dedicated hardworking Atherys Horizons combat team I'd like to say that I personally thought Trueshot was a very skill based class (This was shown by gods among men such as @Equitem and @Zyrue) that promoted a very healthy playstyle! I really enjoyed the fact that it had some really interesting combos it could pull off such as the amazing 360 no scope tomahawk cross map 1 shot snipe that had no cooldown, really rewarded skillful play while punishing enemies who were worse than the user. I also really like how it rewarded users for using its mobility correctly! I thought it having smoke/buckshot/sprint/grapple was really fun because if you were good enough to use 1/4 of those skills you could get away! My all time favorite part of the class though was the outplay potential when it was brought to water if you were good enough you could zzzzzzxxxxelitexxxxxzzzzzzsnipppppeeezzzz the enemy team and really outplay them! All in all an class that was phenomenal in every iteration of it and will for sure be brought back *when* Horizons comes out!
  5. JupiterRome


    Ambrius is my grandpa confirmed. Sattera is my dad confirmed. (Being a God at PvP just runs in the fam I guess)
  6. JupiterRome


    Él te utiliza para tu increíble abdominal y taladradora de carne de 18 pulgadas.
  7. JupiterRome

    Sellt’s Diary 09/06/2017

    You're really hot.
  8. JupiterRome

    Sellt’s Diary 07/06/2017

    Yeah, I've said what I feel about this addition already, Peace out Girl Scouts
  9. JupiterRome

    Sellt’s Diary 07/06/2017

    I'd personally think that you were one of the first people to start this argument with Destruct, you replied to him in a very hostile manner which lead to this argument. Also you can't act like this argument is something you yourself didn't have a big influence on when you did in fact make personal attacks on many players..... I know you're frustrated and at the end of the day know how players should act and how this argument gets resolved, but I genuinely think that you should look back on previous posts and realize how you've been treating this players is just wrong.
  10. JupiterRome

    Sellt’s Diary 07/06/2017

    That fight was annoying for both sides, building forts is usually not a good idea considering my group (the ones attacking the forts) had to use two GA's to even get into the box because of AOE's and then by the time we got into the box your team had blown a lot of their AOE's on us while we were GA'd leaving us at a huge advantage. I personally feel like that fight was really aids for both teams and overall wasn't a good fight especially for people new to PvP and the person I assume was your raidleader was someone who I can see freaking out at you guys because he tends to take PvP very seriously I honestly have kinda memed on this thread a bit, my b. I personally don't care if this is added, do I think the resources to make this could be better used in other areas? Yeah I do but at the end of the day I personally don't care. I think making blanket statements saying that RPers don't normally tend to be elitists is really silly, there have been many cases of RP'ers being Elitists throughout the history of Atherys, this has been shown to be true even in the eyes of the staff when Aloreh's government had to be dismantled and the positions re-filled do the the clique that had came to be the Orator court. I really actually think Fights with RP behind them have always been something that the PvP community has loved and I don't really see why those aren't done more, but I would disagree with you on saying that the PvP community "spam killing defenseless noobs for fun" is killing the server when at the end of the day the lack of advertising, lag that has plagued the server for all of evo, staff, the inconsistency and inefficiency in the pushing of heroes updates are all reasons that I personally feel like can be used to blame the low server population. I wouldn't try to act like the server can thrive without the PvP community without drastic changes because thats the attitude many players/staff members have had towards the PvP community and in the end it's always had the same outcome, a server with a less then desired population. I luv u <3 <3 Sellt asked for an opinion and he got it, I personally don't see a problem. If a player is going to argue his opinion on here and another staff member is even replying to him in this argument I don't feel like you should shut him down just because you don't like what he has to say. People are just using this thread to bash other people know and its getting pretty silly, I don't think it was @willbuilds who was the one who changed this into PvP vs RP, at the end of the day I don't think this caters to the most beneficial audience, and thats why I voted no because I personally do see it as a waste of resources but if in fact it wouldn't require much work to make then I don't see why its big enough to make a poll for and in fact should be added.
  11. JupiterRome

    Sellt’s Diary 07/06/2017

    See I'm really confused because you say that assuming a less experience PvPer needing help is elitist, which I personally disagree with because in reality if you don't have experience in something, then taking help from someone who has more experience is generally a better idea. I disagree with your earlier post saying that raid leaders won't let you kinda do your own thing, I remember the fight you're talking about and I personally think that the reason you didn't have that much fun in that fight is because the making of the box with a mostly mage comp was pretty silly, and you had someone (who I assume was your raid leader) in that fight who has always taken minecraft PvP very seriously and gotten very mad going as far to get people banned for random stuff whenever he lost, I know personally my town does a bunch of random stuff in PvP for fun.
  12. JupiterRome

    Sellt’s Diary 07/06/2017

    I feel like what he said was genuinely something could be used to help the server from a business standpoint, and I personally 100% agree with, even if you feel he came off a tad aggressive you can still read what he says and find value in it instead of completely disregarding it and making a personal attack.
  13. where have you been my entire life? 

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