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  1. Finally got around to getting rid of the light errors under my mushroom. Now it no longer looks ugly from underneath

  2. :)

    Greetings from.png

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    2. Swiggle


      It would be very nice to do housing like that, but there aren't many mushrooms I would be able to do that with. I want to keep the entire island supporting only mushroom type buildings. Sure there might be a mushroom that is more stalk than cap, but it still needs to look good. I probably will end up doing something like this in someway, but not quite yet

      If I get the chance, and the plots, I am going to claim part of the ocean and do a bedrock to sky limit mushroom. IF that happens then the mushroom will totally have structures like that

    3. Swiggle


      It actually only took me a minute to find these. Grifola Frondosa. These shall be the 3rd giant mushroom installment, making up the main housing and resort district. It will be extremely difficult with the plot restriction that I haveGrifola-frondosa-2.10.0507.jpg.b6a25e843grifola-frondosa-maitake.jpg.aad031777dc

    4. ironfire


      Oh well, maybe these are some ideas for a trading post/ambassade where you'd just put one of those down on a large lump of wood.

      But i guess you'll have your hands full with the bedrock to sky limit xD

  3. That's me! I'm a popular contributor! :DB|


  4. If you up smash dat like button :PB|

    1. Swiggle


      cause I ain't up, imma sleep now. Got work in the morning and at night tomorrow. Sleep sounds like the voice of a siren trying to pull me off the ship

  5. I have done it! My name minecraft name is now finally MadMushroomKing!

  6. Your profile picture can make a good creepy pasta

    1. Swiggle


      Why thank you haha. That was the plan, creep people out with it

    2. Hexxie


      Plus,  MUSHROOMS!

    3. Swiggle


      EXACTLY! This man is going places!

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