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  1. Fellow Tyrian! What server are you on?

    1. Chilli Bandit

      Chilli Bandit

      Hai I used to play Piken Square [EU] but recently changed to Fort Aspenwood [US]

    2. Cyrala Nytensse

      Cyrala Nytensse

      I'm on Sorrow's Furnace (US), one of the less popular ones. But I hear that doesn't really matter except in WvW so it's all good.

  2. You'll be receiving your promised rock violin video soon(TM). Very likely within the next couple days.

  3. Yay #1: Finished GW2 personal story!

    Yay #2: Got unidentified dye in bags of loot. Opened it. ABYSS. WORTH 39 GOLD!!

  4. Can anyone PM me the coords to Calastore's player housing? (Finding a place to live.)

    1. Dan The Derp

      Dan The Derp

      Calastore doesn't have any organized player housing yet.

  5. @Aston Vestrala As a Scribe of Order residing in Calastore... when will player housing in capitals be opened?

  6. I'm baaaaaaack!! I do love the new forums, but I have some questions. @Nathan or @Edd, can either of you make an Organizations subforum? Also, when will the new staff hierarchy be posted? And lastly, what'll happen to the Scribes of Order/Halion? (I want to join Halion as soon as possible after the server reopens.)

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    2. Edd


      The staff thing as soon as its been written.


      Scribes come back, Halion is there home, just like the end of V2. they do have a way larger focus on writing content for the fourms to keep a log of what happens on the server and to also monitor player lore and decide what gets added.

    3. Fin


      I messaged you on skype regarding Halion.

    4. Oricalcum


      About that organization's subforum, isn't that just for lore, given that it's under the 'Player Lore' section? An organization may have lore, but I don't feel that you'd be able to do planning and what not there, since it's only for lore.

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