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  1. Happy I got to work on A'therys for as long as I could. Team's gonna do fine without me, A'therys ain't going nowhere.

  2. The Omnissiah has decreed to me in my hibernation chamber that there is a need for at least 2 new tech-priests to join the ranks of the A'therian Cult Mechanicus. Introduction I'm going to be brief. The projects in the A'therys GitHub organization ( found at http://github.com/Atherys-Horizons ) are getting quite large and hard to handle for just myself and @Rynelf . As such, I'm hoping someone reading this might be the least bit inclined to help me in the madness of figuring out the rest of what needs to be written. It's also worth pointing out that there is no money involved. I don't get paid, neither does Rynelf, and chances are you won't either. The A'therys Horizons codebase is open-source. Anyone can see it, anyone can use it, anyone can help with it. But, if you prove that you are qualified enough to contribute to it, then you can earn yourself a place in the A'therys Staff Team. What you get in return will be the opportunity to rack up points on your GitHub commit history. Something like working for exposure in the graphics design or art world. And if you join and help us out, you'll have so much work to do, that you'll have racked up 500+ commits within the year! So, don't delay, join the A'therys Development Team today! Requirements There are requirements, yes. But, they're not because I want you to be able to sing and dance while balancing atop a beach ball, and contribute to an open-source project at the same time. What I put down here as "requirements" are actually things you will just need to understand in order to contribute to the project. If you don't get the things I list here, chances are you won't have a very fun time contributing, since understanding the following things is crucial to the quality of the code you write, and how easy it is for you to write it: Java ( Obviously ) No, not JavaScript Implied is the understanding of: Java Basics Java Object-Oriented Programming Java Collections API Annotations Reflection JavaDoc documentation Gradle/Maven ( for Dependency Management ) Design Patterns ( Below are listed the ones that might come in handy specifically, but if you're not aware of one, or any, of them, that's fine too. As long as you understand what a Design Pattern is, you can pick these up quite quickly ) Facade Model-View-Controller Repository Observer Dependency Injection Object-Relational Mapping We make extensive use of JPA/Hibernate in our projects so having at least a surface-level understanding of this will be of much use to you Git/GitHub ( All of our projects are hosted on GitHub ) SQL ( We use PostgreSQL in development and probably in production once we release ) We do our persistence in SQL databases. Knowing SQL is not the most important thing on this list, but it'll help you no doubt. Sponge API ( If you understand any of the above, picking up the Sponge API shouldn't be too difficult for you )\ Application Process Ok, now that you've read through all of that, let me inform you of the application process. It's quite simple, really: You go to http://github.com/Atherys-Horizons Out of the 6 pinned repositories, you select one ( any except AtherysCore and AtherysProfessions ) You go to the Issues tab You pick an Issue to your liking You fork the repository You create a new branch on your fork which is appropriately named according to the Issue you have chosen to do You do whatever is described in the Issue ( If further information is required, or none was given at all to begin with, contact me ) After you believe you've completed the task in question, you may submit a Pull Request from the branch in your fork into the master branch in the original via GitHub Once you've submitted your Pull Request to whichever repository you've chosen, I'll go through it and do a code review. Honestly, if you get as far as Step 8, chances are I'll want you to be part of the team anyway. Finally, some of you may be wondering why this is so complicated. Well, the truth of the matter is that our codebase is complicated. After 2 years of going at it, we've made a lot of decisions when it comes to the architecture, libraries and overall organization of the code. It's not easy to get into, and I wish it weren't so, but the requirements of the project are such that it can't be easy. That's not to say that if you don't meet all of the requirements we won't help you learn the rest so you can be a fully integrated part of the team. I believe that if you get as far as step 8 of the above process, then you're dedicated enough to learn what is required to help us out. I would love it if just anyone with 2 weeks of doing Java console-based practice tasks off of Codecademy can come in and contribute to our project. But that isn't the case anymore, and there's some real requirements now to understanding what you're doing, without causing havoc in the codebase. For me, it's always been a matter of quality beats quantity. Because if our code is shit, then nobody is going to want to maintain it. A quality codebase contributes heavily to the longevity of the project, and we want this to last. I would like to thank anyone who considers applying ( even if you don't ) in advance, I wish we could make this a whole lot easier for you, but such is the nature of these things.
  3. Greetings, all! Seeing as how the A'therys community has very little to do while A'therys Horizons is in development, we've decided we're going to try and expand our horizons. We're all here because we're fans of multiplayer gaming. Co-op, team-based, MMOs, whatever, there's something for everyone out there and we'd very much like to incentivize our community to reach out to eachother to get together and enjoy something a bit different. We hope this may encourage you all to build stronger community bonds, and for this purpose we would like to present... A'therys Community Guilds What is it? Many online games have mechanics based around the idea of getting many different people which play the same game together, in a smaller, tighter-knit community. Examples of this are guilds in MMOS like World of Warcraft, or Star Wars: The Old Republic, Clans & Teams in more competitive games like DotA, LoL, Overwatch, Call of Duty, Age of Empires, StarCraft, or other such. An A'therys Community Guild is an officially sponsored and listed such community in another game. How do I make one? It's simple, you may fill out an application ( found here ), and will at some point be contacted by a staff member about your new community guild. The application includes within it places where you can place proof that you meet all of the below mentioned requirements. If those aren't met, your application will be rejected. However, if you get approved, your guild will be listed on the Discord in the #guilds channel at the very top, along with how people can contact you in order to join the guild in question. You will also be given the "Community Guild Manager" rank on the discord. Once approved, you will be solely responsible for your own guild. Oversight may be done at random by A'therys Staff to ensure you continue to meet the requirements. If it is found that you no longer meet them, then your guild will be unlisted. What are the requirements? Firstly, in order to create an A'therys Community Guild, it's name must contain "Atherys" somewhere within it. We won't limit your creativity, though keep it respectable. Names which degrade the A'therys name will not be accepted. Secondly, you must continue to be the person in charge of the guild, as per your application. If guild ownership is to change, you should inform staff about this, so that we may update the communication information properly. Thirdly, do your best to maintain a respectable atmosphere. We're not going to force rules down your throat, at the end of the day the guild remains yours, but if we receive complaints from community members, then we may unlist your guild.
  4. Getting on the Ethereum meme. Spare a coin if you got it! 0x00e11134fd7a8c0D569098eF3ef296BcCC9E8E8D

  5. The Adeptus Mechanicus requires toasters.

  6. The startup script we use is dead. Long live the new startup script. Whatever that's going to be.

  7. I'm not sure if I made it clear, but the form for the competition with Conquest items allows for multiple submissions. You can suggest as many items as you'd like!

    1. HaedHutner


      Just please, if you do, don't clump together many items into 1 submission :P

      It makes it very hard to read

    2. Sund_Wixius


      Bloodlords Edge Slayer Of Grand Destiny

    3. Dan The Derp
  8. good hutner can ask for staeke later thank you firend

  9. I just noticed you added Santa hats to your profile! <3 wonderful job!

  10. for the longest time i thought your forums avatar was a blurry picture of jar jar binks

    1. HaedHutner


      The emperor is disappoint.

    2. Dan The Derp
    3. Aroth2000


      Wait I never noticed that until now. That actually looks really alike until you zoom in.

  11. Ok, here's something that bugs me about PvP. If someone decides to raid you or your town, they  can quite easily see who in your town is online, get their class and therefore come up with a composition which will perfectly counter your own, which then leads to the inevitable loss of the defenders.

    That doesn't sound very fun. It basically guarantees you will always be at a disadvantage. Then again, I don't PvP very much. Wouldn't it be a better idea to remove the /hero whois and /hero who commands? That way an attacker will have to design their team comps around maximum efficiency against as many possible odds as possible. In theory. Again, not a big pvper, just an idea. 

    1. Sanders


      that's a very interesting point

    2. Aller


      Not quite. First of all you got to take into consideration that the defending team more often than not will be switching classes to counter the attackers. Secondly PvPers have different perceptions of which comps work and which don't. Lastly there's the fact that not all people have all classes, so you're sometimes forced to bring components that don't necessarily synergies that well with the rest of your comp. These days we see much more of a tendency to just roll with what you have, at least to some extend. Whereas in the past, people would have town members master very specific classes to built idealistic comps. Hope this gave you a bit of insight. 

    3. Storm


      That's why you surround your town with a lava moat/high walls and disable building for non-allies.



    1. breakneckelement


      Elune-Adore, Potion Seller. I have come for your strongest potions.

    2. Tobber


      Fandu-dath-belore, traveller? You can't handle my strongest potions!

  13. So I just bought into the beta for Albion Online. Anyone else playing?

    1. Chilli Bandit

      Chilli Bandit

      yeahhhh. Awesome game lots of grinding :)

    2. HaedHutner


      Aw yis. Which guild are you part of? Been looking to join one

    3. Chilli Bandit

      Chilli Bandit

      I'm in a guild called Conflict and I'm basically their personal healer lol. They're a hardcore PvP guild with heaps of castles and shizz

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