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  1. I have many memories overall from the server, going all the way back to V1. I use to love defending Ilusia with my townies at the time, we'd get raided pretty much daily. But some of the best times I had was when we were building up Dreghorn in V2, working out lore and generally just building a community. I think that's what makes A'therys different to other servers, it's the ability to create and foster several smaller sub-communities in the form of towns and guilds.
  2. HaedHutner

    So......Anyone Still Around?

    We're all mostly active on the Discord nowadays
  3. HaedHutner

    Bread Thread

  4. HaedHutner

    (Day & Night Cycle poll) Survival Atherys

    Cool, though our goal thus far is to maintain as close to the survival experience as possible. Modifying the day-night cycle fucks with that, obviously.
  5. HaedHutner

    Some General Questions

    1. Classes and skill paths are still under heavy development. We are looking at the ability for players to customize the abilities available to them to an extent where the notion of a "class" sort of disappears. We don't want to lock people into certain pre-determined playstyles, we want them to select what works for them. 2. Yes, and yes. 3. By "internally" I'm going to presume you mean a way to create factions within nations which can then fight it out between eachother. This is a matter of some internal debate, so I won't say anything about it yet. 4. Far. There's no way to answer this question. 5. The guilds of past versions will most likely not appear in this iteration. However, we have considered allowing players to create their own guilds in a very limited way.
  6. I think it’s safe to say the launch of the A’therys Survival server is now well and truly over with. In total, I believe the server crashed a good 4 times, with intermittent connectivity issues in between. And just like any good A’therys launch, some things went very badly. Unexpectedly so. I can only imagine how the launch must have seemed from an outside viewer’s perspective. For those of you who have not previously had the honor of attending a launch of an A’therys server, then there are many veterans in our community who will assure you this launch was par the course. With a player count of 15-20, one would expect a relatively smooth experience. Well, it was anything but, and we’re under no illusions when it comes to that. The server crashed way too often and it was way too laggy. But why though? World generation. That’s it, those 2 words sum up the majority reason for why the server crashed. During testing, we naturally were very vigilant of the server’s performance. Though, we never really went above a total player count of 7 staff members. It never occured to us that there would be issues if someone, say, went and explored 11k from the spawn point within the first couple of hours. That’s obviously none of the players’ faults, we advertised it as an unlimited exploration server, so that’s what you expect to get, and damn it, we tried our best to deliver on that. Well, as it turns out, world generation has an extremely high performance impact ( who would have guessed? ). That’s not something we really considered during our testing. To our detriment, as it turned out. A’therys Survival Launch as a learning experience We’ve never really launched a survival server before. Our maps have always been pre-generated, so world generation never really entered into the equation. Now we know what it’s like when it does. And if we had to take one lesson from all of this, it’s that you should always pre-generate your world prior to launch. And that’s exactly what we’re doing right now, as I write this post. A 10kx10k block area of the map ( 390625 Chunks in total ). Furthermore, we’re going to have to introduce a world border, effectively limiting the playable area of the map within 100,000,000 block^2. This world border will stop you going any further than 5000 blocks in any direction. We intend to increase this playable area in the future. By how much, and how often, is still a matter of internal debate. But we hope that for starters, this will be more than enough to satisfy your need for exploration. Expect the server to be back up as soon as the world is done pre-generating, hopefully this time for good
  7. HaedHutner


  8. HaedHutner

    A'therys Horizons

    While a post outlining some of the stuff we've finalized is a good idea, we're not planning on polling the community for any gameplay decisions at this time. We believe gameplay-related discussions should remain wholly within the hands of as few people as possible, so as to create a more consistent experience.
  9. As soon as these plugins are in a state where I'd feel comfortable publishing them, yes.
  10. Open-Source?! Yes, that's right, you heard correctly. Development for A'therys Horizons is from now open-sourced. What does this mean? I'll explain below. What? Open-source is actually quite simple to define. Every bit of software you use has program code behind it, also known as source code. The idea of open-source is that anyone is able to view the code responsible for whatever they're interacting with on screen. That is what we've done as well. As of today, we have published the source code of 2 of our plugins on GitHub. AtherysCore: https://github.com/Atherys-Horizons/AtherysCore A number of utilities which are used by other plugins. Without this, out other plugins would be incapable of functioning. AtherysTowns: https://github.com/Atherys-Horizons/AtherysTowns A land-management plugin inspired by Towny. I'll be honest, it's a Towny clone. I'm not one to argue with established and proven-to-work solutions, so there's no need to reinvent the wheel. Why? One of the issues with developing so much code for such a large project as A'therys Horizons is that it takes time. Getting help for all of this is even harder, especially since we have to build upon Sponge, a platform for server-side plugins which can be utilized with a Forge server. There just isn't that much expertise out there. And while I like to think I'm dedicating as much of my time as possible, it still doesn't seem to be enough. My hope is that by doing this, we can recruit some extra talent to help us out. No-strings-attached contributions are the way many open-source projects prosper, including the Sponge project itself. There are no more barriers to entry for helping out with A'therys development. Are you interested in helping? There's the repos, you can get to work pretty much instantly. License? GNU GPLv3: https://choosealicense.com/licenses/gpl-3.0/ Essentially, you are free to use it however you like, modify it, commercialize it, whatever, but whatever you do to it, the code must be public, and it must be licensed under GNU GPLv3 as well. You should also give us a shoutout. Only 2 Plugins? On principle, I refuse to publish code which does not work. Obviously, I haven't only developed 2 plugins thus far. There is a substantial amount of code which is not yet published. AtherysQuests ( our in-house quest plugin ) AtherysAttributes ( a plugin for attributes ) AtherysCombat ( the plugin responsible for the overall combat experience on A'therys ) AtherysRPG ( a plugin for Skills and overall player progression ) are all still on our private GitLab repos and not published yet. AtherysEconomy ( A fork of EconomyLite, modified for our own purposes ) AtherysConquest ( A king-of-the-hill mini-game plugin which we had at the end of Evo ) This is because they're not functional yet. Half of them don't even build. There's a lot of code in those repos, but it's not ready to be put out there yet. As these plugins are made functional, they too will be published on GitHub under the same organization ( https://github.com/Atherys-Horizons )
  11. HaedHutner


    Agreed. Trueshot is the best class to be playing nowadays.
  12. HaedHutner

    Inactive McDregfodtpants reporting in

    Dregbois represent @Rynelf @Hype @GreyKnightAE @White Knight @Kaare Dregfodt
  13. How many times have we ( staff ) had to go around, deleting old and inactive towns? How many times have new mayors had to create their towns in the middle of bumfuck nowhere because the good spots were already taken? And how many of those times were the good spots taken by towns whose mayors logged on twice a month, just to make sure their town doesn't go poof? And how many times have we had complaints over too many towns having their PvP off? Too many, that's the answer to all of the above. The tax system solves much of it. Is it perfect? Of course not. But will it work? Yes. At least, we believe so. Let me reiterate, town mayors cannot automatically tax the residents of the town. There is no system which will pull money out of an individual resident's bank. The tax system is only on the nation level, meaning the nation head regulates taxes on town banks. At the town level, it is up to you ( the mayor, or the residents of the town ) to organize a way to pay the tax. Or not. If not, and you fail to pay your taxes, limitations will be imposed upon the town. This is more than just a "town" server. Always has been, always will be. For us, towns are just another mechanic we can tweak and change to fit the overall experience of the server.
  14. The way I look at it, this system makes it very clear what you need in order to begin a town, and after you've covered these base requirements ( the minimum player count ), it is up to you to maintain the existence of this town. That is all the system does, no more, no less. Small private towns that just take up premium real estate for the benefit of a small minority have usually been frowned upon, though never directly punished ( See: Mayors who logged on every 2 weeks so they could sustain their dead towns with people in them who last logged on months ago ). If we, not just as staff but as members of the community, were given the choice between a town with 2-3 active people in it or a town with 20-30 active people in it, clearly we'd prefer the latter. It all comes down to the fact that land and space is at a premium, no matter what server you're on. If we don't better control the distribution of this precious resource, then it's going to be misused and the people who could really utilize it for something good wouldn't be able to. However, we do understand that prohibitively high requirements would also be a net negative for the server and the community. That is why the exact numbers are variables that can be changed at any point. On the matter of whether or not your mayor requires you to live in a pre-built house or not, whether they require you to pay rent or not, that's all down to the organization of the town. And, clearly, if the town is so disorganized that it can't even maintain itself ( pay upkeep ), then why should it continue to exist and take up land which might be better utilized by another town which is better organized? As far as player archetypes are concerned, personally, I'm blind to those. I don't see players as PvPers, RPers or builders or whatever, I see them as players, people looking for an interesting and fulfilling experience. We don't balance numbers based on how many players of a certain archetype we have in our community, we balance them based on how difficult and rewarding of an experience we aim to achieve. Archetypes do not enter into it.

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