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  1. Likewise. Has been going on for a few hours at least.

  2. I'm an emotional basket case right now. I still can't believe my Cubs won. Is this RL?

    1. Tirz


      As an Indians fan, I can't say I'm dissapointed. I called them starting hot and them blowing it, I really should have made bets on it...

    2. Saterra


      Time to wait another 108 years for another championship 4wHknwQ.png

  3. 8 lvl 100 toons and Demon Invasions aren't good for the health.

    1. Edd


      Yeah but the new demon hunter class tho, love it. What server you on?

    2. Maxxron


      I'm diggin' it also, but I found a passion for Shaman/Mage after spending the last ten years as a Rogue. Alliance on Stormrage.

    3. Edd


      Darn im alliance on sargeras.

  4. I've gotten myself ridiculously sucked back into Dragon Quest VIII. I don't know how it happened, but I can't stop. I may have a problem.

    1. Doug


      Meh, give it some time~ I always return to FF later

  5. Just started getting into the merchant swing of things and this guide is fantastic. Couldn't have done it without it. Thank you!
  6. Merchants of A'therys, can anyone tell me the price per stack on andisite, diorite, granite for EVO?

    1. Timbobuhler


      Um maybe 15-20y per stack, that's at least what I would go for, if I were buying or selling. But others might go lower.

  7. Rise of the Tomb Raider comes out on PC today.

    Decisions, decisions....

    1. Edd


      Played the last one, loved it beyond love, was desperate for this new one, cant afford it, I HATE BEING AN ADULT!

    2. jonathanbak


      being an adult sucks... parents dont buy video games anymore :D

    3. charlotteXcharles


      *cough* yarrrrrr me hearties *cough*

  8. -5 F atm. Nice and balmy.

    1. Viridia Deere

      Viridia Deere

      13 inches of snow and felt like -13 in Ohio this morning

  9. Any update on server? Or pretty much just whenever @Edd wakes up and turns it back on? lol


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