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Status Updates posted by Valaen

  1. Can we ban this guy already? af11d2c820839e75357f22b03eabb407.png

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. MisChiv


      He even posted a picture of himself [email protected]@!NG

    3. Crash


      To his credit, I've fired him like three times already today 

    4. jonathanbak


      Ye this be true, must be some record. 

      Admins bully me for having totally normal and simple ideas. Like changing oceans to lava and mountains to Chasams opening up to the void. But it's there loss if they don't want em awesome ideas.

  2. Endergaunt and Haruspex out on the dev server!

  3. Hmm... Meme thievery at its finest... df4d47ca25973470235c97ae920f8b6f.png:thinking:

    1. Velkas


      no meme thieves allowed


      meme thieves get crucified under the blazing sun

  4. are you a draenei

    1. the_KINGsRansom


      no i'm a qunari u ignorant scr00b

      respect my identity

    2. Valaen


      did you just assume my scrubiness?

      back the scrub off guy

  5. someone make a sellt chat recap dangit

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    2. Valaen


      I wasnt there tho

    3. Dan The Derp

      Dan The Derp

      Freedos price hiked. That'd what I recalled from the chat


    4. Dan The Derp
  6. "Alright, whatever" --@Aroth2000

    1. Velkas




      u opened up my eyes



      thank u

    2. MisChiv


      Why is this a quote when he doesn't really ever say anything else? 

  7. #GroomGate

    1. Tachanka


      This is a travesty!

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