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  1. You know people get on the test server to help the heros team view and make edits to the classes. The heros team basically begs people to hop on for a fight to see where they are. Its not like anyone wants to hop on the test server. We just get on for the sake of the heros team. Not only are you going to make their job harder to do, you will push back the progress of the server. You can have fun collecting whitelist subscriptions, but I guess I'm done testing and giving feed back. Why can't we raise $20 a month then open the server?
  2. So you are making players pay to help the server by testing its classes before being implemented. sounds like a great deal.
  3. S/O to all my fans out there!

  4. there goes my dreams of being top rep....

  5. Could I get the keys to the server, now that I pretty much run the server?

    1. PandorasBlock_


      Things are gonna go all game of thrones soon

  6. Feeling Bullied :'(

    1. HaedHutner


      It's ok, bud. I'm here for ya.

  7. Watch out Ed, i'm almost as popular as you!

    1. Bleualtair
    2. Edd


      yeah, but are actually trying....

  8. Happy


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    2. Aroth2000


      Liking this likable status

    3. Bleualtair


      This is a good example for the population of a'therys, i'm liking this.

    4. Dan The Derp
  9. Come visit #Follow4Follow, and make sure you remember to #Like4Like!


  10. Paladin Rhyne

    Welcome Back!

    ily Vorkiez!

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