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  1. breakneckelement

    What are your plans for when Horizons releases?

    Make a few wild assertions and boasts, declare myself some kind of local authority figure, start several projects of epic proportion that'll eat countless hours of my ever-dwindling free time, then fail to deliver. Show up to team fights. Get drunk and flirt with @redninja685. You know, the usual.
  2. breakneckelement

    Sellt's Diary 09/05/2018

    Glad to hear of things progressing. Looking forward to the big reveal!
  3. The assassin's guild is the last implicit stand of Loghec identity

  4. breakneckelement

    Sellt's Diary Special - 04/02/2018

    No guns for kilnholdt? Or will our national weapon just be a retextured crossbow?
  5. breakneckelement

    Which new nation history is your favourite?

    Kilnholdt is barbarians in dark souls with guns... what's not to love? Especially due to the fact we have batman.
  6. breakneckelement


    A few, ye. More on the A'therys Discord though.
  7. breakneckelement

    A Question

    You can't beat a doctor to death with a liquid, so... no. If there's no solid threat to them they'll come regardless. I advise a wrench.
  8. breakneckelement

    Sellt’s Diary 11/12/2017 (Builders needed!)

    The combat system is implemented already? I'm impressed. Looking forward to checking things out when all's said and done, old friend.
  9. You back at it as mod? Congrats mate

    1. breakneckelement


      You mean 'oh gods I'm so sorry'. xD But thanks.

    2. Kreaden


      Oh you're a mod now! Atleast one of them can write lore then :P (j/k! in case any other mods read this xD)

    3. Dan The Derp

      Dan The Derp

      Gold looks awful on you. A shamefur dispay.

  10. Part three of Calder's epic journey is out! Hype. http://atherys.com/forum/index.php?/topic/1981-wip-glorious-memories/

    1. Doug


      Lovin' part three! Can't wait to see how it continues~


    2. breakneckelement


      Thanks, brotha. =) There's a loooong way to go.

  11. breakneckelement

    One New Mod / Two New Helpers.

    Good luck, friends. =)
  12. breakneckelement

    #Blame Jess

    Ack, the white name with the colored title. It looks so ugly to my eye. Ah well, suppose soon enough we'll all be used to it.
  13. breakneckelement

    Vorske Away Times.

    Alright, man. Best of luck to you.
  14. Is server kill?

    1. Edd


      odd things happening, hoping it will be ok now.

    2. breakneckelement


      Thanks. Hope it is. I've got the rest of a mountain to chop down. >.<

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