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  1. Dragons are still dumb.

  2. The assassin's guild is the last implicit stand of Loghec identity

  3. You back at it as mod? Congrats mate

    1. breakneckelement


      You mean 'oh gods I'm so sorry'. xD But thanks.

    2. Kreaden


      Oh you're a mod now! Atleast one of them can write lore then :P (j/k! in case any other mods read this xD)

    3. Dan The Derp

      Dan The Derp

      Gold looks awful on you. A shamefur dispay.

  4. Part three of Calder's epic journey is out! Hype. http://atherys.com/forum/index.php?/topic/1981-wip-glorious-memories/

    1. Doug


      Lovin' part three! Can't wait to see how it continues~


    2. breakneckelement


      Thanks, brotha. =) There's a loooong way to go.

  5. Is server kill?

    1. Edd


      odd things happening, hoping it will be ok now.

    2. breakneckelement


      Thanks. Hope it is. I've got the rest of a mountain to chop down. >.<

  6. Someone pls tell me what has happened since Evo launched, I'm afraid I am terribly out of the loop. Feel free to embellish stories to raise entertainment value. Evo Abridged works for me. Thx guys.

  7. A condensed ball of excitement and hype, with a fine coat of sugary despair and sprinkled with impatience. This is my A'therys candy apple.

  8. Hello and welcome back, A'therians. Loghecs in particular. ;) Speaking of, if any spectacularly attractive residents of Roreg Logh reading this have some big ideas for 2.5 starting up, feel free to message me here or on skype. (same as ign)
    Planning to open this version up with a bang!

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