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    Born into wealth and fame under extremely prestigious mimes, Korin opted to lead a simple life and ran away at a young age to live in a burrow of the logh.

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  1. until
    The conclusion to the Secret Santa Event. All of the gifts around the tree in Monas Roth will be opened to their proper recipients. Chests will remain around for a few days after so you can claim your gifts in case you're not able to make it right away. Happy holidays!
  2. So..  Apparently not enough people voted for snek

  3. until
  4. speedyscorpion

    Bank Heist

    PvE http://atherys.com/forum/index.php?/topic/1022-the-big-one/
  5. Merry Christmas everyone, hope you're all having a good time! :D
    http://imgur.com/a/kYkuK New war paint!

  6. until

    Event has already come and gone, more events are being planned now with what we learned here in mind
  7. Thanks for participating in the Christmas event, we learned a lot from this and will be making much better events in the future!  Expect bigger events in January after the holidays have passed and we can dedicate more time to preparing them

  8. speedyscorpion

    Holiday Special

    Somebody has been tampering with presents all over A'therys, and they weren't careful about doing it. Find out who or what did this and hunt them down. No PvP event, more details will be provided as the event starts. May not have an event join command. Store anything you're afraid to lose before showing up.
  9. heheh :3 papi 


    1. speedyscorpion



      Ha, I am a master of kiwi!  Also, HAI KARAA

    2. Nyaa Chan
  10. So fancy Spoody, You shouldn't be here, Your just a dirty mime :3

    1. speedyscorpion


      But I'm the fanciest of the dirty mimes!


    2. MimelingScorpion


      Nah, You're just a scrubby dirty mime :3

      Leave Mime... Leave


    3. MimelingScorpion


      Oh look its that scrubby fox named Sentaul aswell >_<

      This isn't a zoo :(

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