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  1. *cough Patreon cough* https://www.patreon.com/atherys
  2. If by clickbait, you mean us having a little fun with a slightly unhappy topic, then yes.
  3. Nah not really. Today, it gives me no great pleasure to announce to you all that our fellow admin and lead developer, HaedHutner is stepping away from A'therys. He's been putting more time into A'therys than he has to offer and life has finally caught up to him in ways that he now needs to focus on himself. So join me and the rest of the staff in giving him thanks for all that he's done and coded for us. HOWEVER, this does not mean that we can stop here. Now more than ever, we need more people to write and code the plugins we've been developing for Horizons. If you want to join the team, know someone who might want to join, or something in between, then we'd be happy to have you/someone on the team. Also, Dannie needs a new friend to argue with and we suddenly have a new spot open for that. Feel free to DM anyone on the admin team if you're interested in applying. (If you were expecting some long winded post, go ask redninja to make one. He does the flowery, professional language.)
  4. *Insert overused clap gif here*
  5. Guys, back on topic. I really don't wanna stop the main conversation, but I will if I have to.
  6. I can't stop people having screenshots Athena. I am not a wizard. I can ask them not to post it, that is all.
  7. Ok guys, let's all take a step back here and get back to the actual discussion of the topic at hand. Athena, stop saying the guys arguing for pvp are biased, they're merely arguing for a part of the server they enjoy. If you want to argue counterpoints, be my guest, but yelling bias won't get you any points. The rest of you, stop the k spam. I don't want this thread locked, cause you guys can have a good discussion, but I will if I have to.
  8. Boo effing hoo. The suggestion in question wouldn't even be that hard to implement. We wouldn't police it, and normal pvp still happens plenty more than this probably ever will. Just one more feature that people can use in their time on the server. Hell, this wasn't even meant to be a pvp v rp thing, but somehow it always comes back to that. Stop that by the way. All of you. It's pointless.
  9. *Internal Screaming*

    1. MisChiv


      Is this in response to the lovely events with Zor...Athena the wolf? I heard that was a right laugh for you to clean up!

    2. Crash


      Yes. And yes. 

  10. Well I would hope so. It's being built with Conquest Reforged in mind, so it's gonna look damn epic, that's for sure. And Sellt and Xathas are in constant contact with the mapmaker, so I would bet yes, it will be custom and epic.
  11. I'm not quite sure what your asking here. The regular map?
  12. There will be a post a little later on about that. Don't worry, we got ya covered.
  13. Daily Event no longer R.I.P

    Crash will bring back the endless blackmail to make red do things if need be. :P

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Automatiic


      Who actually thought they could do this daily. tbh bi-weekly would be much better and more manageable


    3. Crash


      It's most likely going to go to a bi or tri weekly thing. They got burned out doing it every day. But they think they'll be able to do this fine.

    4. Dan The Derp

      Dan The Derp

      They should probably change the name.

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