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  1. *Internal Screaming*

    1. MisChiv


      Is this in response to the lovely events with Zor...Athena the wolf? I heard that was a right laugh for you to clean up!

    2. Crash


      Yes. And yes. 

  2. Daily Event no longer R.I.P

    Crash will bring back the endless blackmail to make red do things if need be. :P

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    2. Mukhamet Ag Akrud

      Mukhamet Ag Akrud

      Who actually thought they could do this daily. tbh bi-weekly would be much better and more manageable


    3. Crash


      It's most likely going to go to a bi or tri weekly thing. They got burned out doing it every day. But they think they'll be able to do this fine.

    4. Dan The Derp

      Dan The Derp

      They should probably change the name.

  3. The redninja is finally red. Ravina coated his name in blood. :P

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    2. Crash


      He can't. Admins can't ban admins or ourselves. 

    3. Dan The Derp
    4. MisChiv


      Literally why he got admin is so he couldn't self-ban any more. He's going cold turkey on it, very brave!

  4. Nose, I quite enjoy having my blood inside my body, thank you very much. Stop it. 

  5. Happy New Year you loveable bunch of strange people I interact with. 

    1. jonathanbak
    2. Gelmir


      I love you crash, you are my new years resolution

  6. How 'bout them Cowboys?

  7. Somewhere, very far away, you can hear the shattered soul of a man named xathas crying out in agony.

    1. Xathas


      Apparently the Selukkite caste system was not reposted in Evo. I have remedied this. 
      No one has excuses now :P

  8. And now, your name is no longer wheat yellow. Evil master plan to get you away from wheat is beginning!

    1. Daniel


      Now ur stuck in here with me, the cotton candy blob

    2. jonathanbak


      Hold me close cotton candy blob! 

    3. Xathas


      Woah!! Congrats sanders!!!! :D

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