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  1. So the Daggerlands are now and individual nation again, without any form of treaties...

    *Grabs shitcannon and nukes*

    Diz gunna be gud :3

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. ironfire


      Thank you for clarifying :)

      Well, then the only place not pelted with fallout and feces is going to be the place where you die of thirst :3

    3. Chronus


      Oh don't worry Valzanttar is a rich city, we pull water from the river and carry it along our aqueduct network.

    4. ironfire


      Naturally you leave all enemies die in the sand *killing sense intensifies*

  2. change is not necessarely a bad thing...

    Keep that in mind. I'll watch the fires burn. I'll see the ingots get molten and moulded into shape.

    1. Edd


      i hate change, warps my wallet.

    2. ironfire


      you can always "change" it into something bigger if you want (if you have enough of it), people in stores also need to get them coins from somewhere.

  3. I now know how schemtica works and how to use it.

    It seems my entire survival-building experience has been a lie all along.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. ironfire


      It does, all hail the printer, but still I always saw massive builds in survival as a delicate art, in wich you had to put a lot of effort in to get what you wanted. Now all I see is printed builds.

    3. Dan The Derp

      Dan The Derp

      Building is always a delicate art in its own way and mind. 

    4. ironfire


      I know Dan, and i still think this way, altough to be fair: creative building is much easier than in survival.

  4. ^^

    visit to aedlinn.png

    1. Sellt


      lool :D nice one :D

    2. ironfire


      I was astonished by the progress made at Aedlinn, good job!

      (and try not to kill me next time I pay a visit ;p)

  5. Your banner is awesome- loving that gif!

  6. preston plz

    1. Preston Garvey
    2. ironfire


      All I can imagine right now is a zombie-preston moaning:

      "Settlements! Help! Brains!"

  7. Praise the dynmap gods for updating! (in 2D :3)

    (a few hours after i post a meme about it)

    1. HaedHutner


      YAY! MEMES! *claps like a child*

  8. Welcome to the Grand Militia comrade!

    1. ironfire


      Thanks! Next time you can ts, you should tell me how these macro's work.

      And so the fire spreads...

    2. charlotteXcharles



      might be cool to be all soviet military style for the daggerlands, can we do this?

      makes us less of a rocky steampunk murica thing

  9. Shoutout to all mysterious flozting trees out there in Ithilien; a truly intresting species.






    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. charlotteXcharles


      nothin, just no splitting from the motherland xD our laws apply everywhere

      plus then you get public services like tree fixing


    3. ironfire


      I absolutely have no intention to do so...

      If I did, I wouldn't be sitting in the daggers right now...

      You seem... communisty?

    4. charlotteXcharles


      daggerlands is glorious motherland! *puts on silly russian accent*

      thats just my idea of extreme nationalism


  10. :)

    Greetings from.png

    1. Show previous comments  6 more
    2. Swiggle


      It would be very nice to do housing like that, but there aren't many mushrooms I would be able to do that with. I want to keep the entire island supporting only mushroom type buildings. Sure there might be a mushroom that is more stalk than cap, but it still needs to look good. I probably will end up doing something like this in someway, but not quite yet

      If I get the chance, and the plots, I am going to claim part of the ocean and do a bedrock to sky limit mushroom. IF that happens then the mushroom will totally have structures like that

    3. Swiggle


      It actually only took me a minute to find these. Grifola Frondosa. These shall be the 3rd giant mushroom installment, making up the main housing and resort district. It will be extremely difficult with the plot restriction that I haveGrifola-frondosa-2.10.0507.jpg.b6a25e843grifola-frondosa-maitake.jpg.aad031777dc

    4. ironfire


      Oh well, maybe these are some ideas for a trading post/ambassade where you'd just put one of those down on a large lump of wood.

      But i guess you'll have your hands full with the bedrock to sky limit xD

  11. :) As promised.

    Greetings from.png

    1. Sellt
    2. ironfire


      I told you I'd send a card :P

    3. Sellt


      i like it very much :D

  12. I wish everyone a merry christmas, happy holidays and an even better new year!

  13. HEeey, you ain't no n00wbie, get out there and rank that shiz!:P

  14. Question: Are you still a pirate?

    1. Daniel


      Naw my fine friend :)

    2. ironfire


      So where are you ressurecting ducks from non-existence now? :P

    3. Daniel

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