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    Vashtan E. Rada
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    He has 58 years, but only the last 3 can be recalled. Not long ago he washed up out of the seas near Calastore where he was discovered by the locals. With no memory he started a new life, training on the high seas. Once ready he embarked on his own journey west, to the edge of the world, where he planned to found a bustling outpost.

    This got him into the trade business which led him all around the A'therian world to gather raw materials. Along his journey he discovered something oddly familiar. . .a people whose semblance was not unlike his own. Poor and oppressed, in a desolate land, with towering machines and innovative mechanisms. He did not like it there though. . .too much despair for one so full of hope. So he returned to the seas, welcoming the fresh ocean breeze that he had come to love, as he made the long journey home.

    But no sooner had he begun his work when he received an ominous message. . .war had come. So he joined the Itheri Navy and fought the cold powers that threatened to freeze the land and seas. These battles led him again to the far east, where he would be destined to fight alongside the Daggerlanders in protecting their lands of fire and industry.

    It would be a one way journey though, for he was much too old and inexperienced in the arts of war. He sustained serious injuries during the battle of Sablemarch and was left behind to rest and recover. But it was a slow recovery, and by the time he was well enough to even perform daily activities, the war was over; the icy powers defeated.

    So, unfit to travel, he looked for local work. Sablemarch, a bustling commercial town on the Daggerlands' coast was the perfect place for a merchanter, so he came into an agreement with Stoneharbor to set up shop selling small crafts supplies. Business was good, but he was not satisfied for long. He still yearned for adventure. During his time in Sablemarch he realized that his heritage did indeed lie in the Daggerlands, though the clouds in his mind were still thick as the smoke over Monas Roth.

    His ambitions led him to the big city, where again he looked on the poor, and could not help but want better for them. He studied the machines, he studied the architecture, and then he studied what memories he had of his travels across the world. He made designs for massive buildings blending grace and power. He surveyed the wastelands. . .the lava fields. . .and the great volcanoes, searching for strong foundations. He formed new friendships and prepared to burn his mark into history. . .at last, feeling at home.

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  1. Let's not get too dramatic here. ? There has been pretty regular conversation and activity on the discord, and last I heard they had made good progress on the world building. Slow point seems to be the coding, but we would need a dev/admin to confirm how far along they are since going open source. Nice to see all the old Daggers still lurking! ?
  2. Just wanted to let people know I'm still around!  Been busy coaching and getting into a new job this fall.  Also my laptop's hard drive finally finished dying. . .so could be a little while longer before I come back around.  Hope you are all doing great, and hopefully I make it back for the start of Horizons! :D 

  3. As a Daggerlander. . .I am highly offended by the last line of today's riddle!!


    (nice loot tho ;))

  4. Disappointed in some of the community rn. . .to enter into my house and break my stuff, which took a few dozen hours to make is absolutely pathetic.  Even if they were just there and watching it happen, it's disheartening.  I would like to think I've earned a reputable standing here with the community, and if they did not like something being in my house, thinking it could in this instance cause additional lag for the server, then by all means they should have asked me. . .I was right above them after all. . .

    Hope people in this community learn from this mistake. . .turning something completely trivial into a ban-able offense is not wise.  This community is starting to grow again, don't be the stupid one that ruins it for your friends.

    1. Show previous comments  8 more
    2. jonathanbak


      I'll block certain skills In all the capitals to help prevent any future issues like this happening. And i truly apologize for this happening, it was very immature and douche of the party involved.

    3. lnShane


      Which is why I would prefer to use this as a learning opportunity for both sides and then move on.


      ((btw, discovered that since the aa pack makes string super yellow, tripwire hooks are good for making it much less visible again))

    4. _JailBr3aK_


      I'm so sorry this happened, Shane. I hope you find the resolution you are looking for.

  5. Was going to make some snarky comment about people mining all that sand and sandstone for the event without complaining. . .but I figured I could be a little nice this time of year (still made this status though so I stay on the naughty list and get my coal B|).

  6. The moment you realize the snow on the forums is affected by your cursor :oxD

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Xathas
    3. Foe



    4. charlotteXcharles


      there goes my attention span, ill just be messing with the snow now

  7.  Remember, remember!
        The fifth of November, 
        The Gunpowder treason and plot; 
        I know of no reason 
        Why the Gunpowder treason 
        Should ever be forgot!

  8. Chicago Cubs are World Series Champions!!  What an amazing game! xD

  9. Sooo uh. . .slightly bad news on my end. . .pretty sure my laptop's hard drive is dying.

    Couple weeks ago disk started maxing at 100%, processes at 0%.  Updated my windows for September, which I thought helped, but only for like a week.  Did full computer scan, all clean; checked some hotfixes for disabling Windows Search, Superfetch, and Flash. . .none worked.

    Finally yesterday my diagnostics started coming up as fails on Targeted Read Test and SMART Short Self Test.  Research told me these are indicators of hard drive failure, so unless someone can help me out/inform me otherwise, I will be limping along for a while until I work something out.

    So if you don't see me on quite as often, that'll be why. :/ 

    1. ThatGuy_777


      Aww... really sorry to hear that. Hope you'll be able to fix it relatively fast, or as fast as such a process can be that is. :(

    2. Ravyhn


      :o Sorry to hear it!

  10. Excellent character story

    1. lnShane
    2. Daniel


      Really sweet job on it indeed dude. Keep up the awesome work

  11. Oi! Check yer messages! ;)

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