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  1. Anyone noticed the server down for a few minutes and heroes going haywire?

    Well blame Shol for that, no I'm not joking we tried removing Shol class and things broke. Guess he didn't want to be removed xD 

    1. Vnthy


      Shol denounced you jon, you shall not be saved by yolu this time! 

    2. Dannie


      Bloody darn thing! D:

    3. Myra Tawlhyn
  2. 30 mins till a Vault Event!

  3. 30 mins till a Vault Event!

  4. Mob Event at 3pm ATZ.

    1. kingjlawson24


      I liked this status just so you could reach 1000 community rep xD

    2. jonathanbak
  5. Lacks Pictures, my brain needs pictures...... Good Job otherwise,
  6. Sand Mine in Ar-Selukk has been replenished.

  7. Store has 50% off with coupon 'NEWYEARS'


    Ends soon.

    1. Dan The Derp
    2. Destruct


      feelsbadman, not even that long aftere85864bffbcf7dcce7c1da59c9d684c6.png

      its just 1:07 AM est :(

    3. jonathanbak


      :( sorry but we agreed it would only last a couple hours.

  8. Nearly to a $1000 on Buycraft! Remember if we reach it we get a purge weekend that will include the server wide 'Last Man Standing' event. http://store.atherys.com/

    1. Valaen


      Do something good instead :(

    2. jonathanbak


      I thought it was fun at end of v2 when we did it :( 

  9. Happy 'late' birthday :(


    1. WindderArmy452XD


      jeez thanks

      jk, love you jonathan

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