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    Aeolos Lanouette Kastellon
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    Born into Noble House lanouette, Aeolos was raised to be a strong warrior and bright minded person. At a young age war brought destruction to his home, and House Lanouette fell, he was then taken into House Kastellon and henceforth became as one born a Kastellon. Aeolos many years later is now Prince Orator of House Kastellon, Advisor to Patriach of house Kastellon, and Co Mayor of Kastellons capital Altharia.

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    1. Dan The Derp
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      feelsbadman, not even that long aftere85864bffbcf7dcce7c1da59c9d684c6.png

      its just 1:07 AM est :(

    3. jonathanbak


      :( sorry but we agreed it would only last a couple hours.

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