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  1. When you are looking for a laptop for gaming but is reasonable to do AutoCAD and SolidWorks and with Photoshop and Blender. Look at my priorities...Sigh I am a mess xD

    1. Dannie


      Anything is better than the family chipset Dell laptop I used to use. Utter crap.

  2. Hey Everyone, Sorry for this late Topic. For those who are or are not aware, I became a moderator for the server not to long ago. Reasons for this not being posted earlier is because I hate how I cannot compose my thoughts as well as everyone and I make myself sound pretty stupid in some cases...Anyways pushing reasons aside, Why did I come back to being moderator? I wanted to help the server in any way possible and I believe Helper would of been a position that could of represented that; however, Dannie wanted me to join the Staff. Personally, I was on the fence with saying yes or no to this so I ask the only question that can convince me, "Does Sellt want my help?" (*Said as confident as presented*). Supposedly, Dannie came back to me saying, 'Yes, Sellt wants you on the team.' Currently, I do not know if what Dannie said was true nor going to further pursue understanding if my question was truly answered. (Ain't calling Dannie a liar, he was just a middle-man between the conversation with Staff, himself and I) What is your main intentions for the server? I am planning to help code Mythic Mobs with Xathas as soon as my college workload has ceased. I helped created some of the new mobs in the first event of the Rise of the Nether Isle. I am also have dabbled in everything that I can to pretty well-rounded. I am planning to do some animations for the server to promote A'therys as whole and then the nations afterwards with roles cast by nation heads themselves. I plan to be active as best as I can and to work with tickets at a moderator level I want to provide a strong voice of the community in the Staff, so none of them will lose their touch of the player-base Hopefully, I want to migrate the A'therys TeamSpeak to Discord to give it a better feel to join in conversation with the players and the community without downloading an application (Currently doesn't have Discord downloaded on his desktop) What might be your downfalls? My Charisma...I ain't the best person to sway many people to my side, but nevertheless I try. Typing...I am notorious slow at typing...typing as fast as two fingers can type Doubts himself... Miscommunication...I am pretty much like Drax from Guardians of the Galaxy, very literal and find it tough to understand some. (Now that I think about it. My character has a resemblance to him...Wow...not intentional) "Okay, those are some faults. Why are you even a mod?" are what some of you are saying and I understand that. At first glance, I am suppose not to be Moderator material; however, here is some plus to who I am. I am helpful, literally helpful. I usually put the Server over my needs and wants in game before becoming a moderator. Drive: I am willing to work through anything to reach my end goals and try to bypass any barriers placed in front of me. Being there for others in their times of need. I been through many fires that has scorched my personality and well-being; however, I became a better person because of it and willing to guide people to be successful in and out of game. Loves to be busy. Currently, doing College Full-time, delivering newspapers as part time, now part time as a moderator or full-time, and while being a functioning human being with the most time in the world. Okay... are you Jinx from League of Legends and do you hate Vi? "'She's such a loser, always ready to cry!' T-t-t-ta!" Do you only play A'therys? Nope, I do go on Hypixel to play Bed Wars which is currently in beta (would like to play with ya peeps if y'all are up for it.) Do you play only Minecraft? Nope, I play competitively in Hearthstone and Online Chess. Also, I do take time to play War games at board game shops from time to time. (Love to play everyone in Online Chess though) I believe I've talked everyone's ear off enough in this post. If there is anything else that you want or need to know about me being moderator do not hesistate to ask me in here or on TeamSpeak before we move over to discord. Anyways, Hope everyone has a good Holiday weekend. -Mr. JynxInx
  3. Jynxi

    The Bard's Tale

    (Opens RP) Julius: Listening in on the story as a curious pedestrian, wanders over to Rivetwhistles after his performance, and asks Rivetwhistles personally, "I know you are a tease, but was that a bit too much for the chap?" @Xathas
  4. Jynxi

    Sellt’s Diary 03/22/2017

    "Buy" is a bit ambiguous. Like "buy" the favor of staff. Like "buy" with yora or real life dollars (sigh I hope not, I don't need to invest too much money to add my custom brews). Anyways Thanks again Sellt for answering my questions.
  5. Jynxi

    1.11 Maintenance

    Inb4 Build Failures Let's think Positively though.
  6. Jynxi

    Sellt’s Diary 03/22/2017

    Nether Island Will the Nether Island have resources that are mineable and collectible? Will the Island regenerate any resources taken from it in a given time? What mobs will probably infest the Nether Island(s) some of the current mythic mobs or new mythic mobs that is more themed to the Nether or some new mobs introduced in 1.11? Will the Nether Island(s) be the Upside-Down? Brewing Plugin What brews has changed from the current Brewing plugin? Any lore driven brews, or brews to match nation's taste? Conquest What will a considerable deadline given on making and creating a Conquest Point for a nation project? 1.11 Update Which blocks are going to be changed in the coming 1.11 update? Any of them you want to see in players' builds? Any new connected textures that may give a new design for builders in their nation? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thanks again Sellt for doing these journal entries. It really helps to understand great things are coming to the server again. (Thanks for bearing through my writing)
  7. Jynxi

    [Dungeon] The Crescent Depths

    Two for Two.
  8. Jynxi

    [Dungeon] The Crescent Depths

    Not the First, but did it first day!
  9. How to feel today: Tired

    Why: Because I know how slow the day is going to be tomorrow and have nothing really exciting to counteract it...

    Resolution: Eh more A'therys Ascended I guess with a new build for Trachronos and probably cook something nice for Dinner.

    1. Rhykker


      You, I wish I had your free time.

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