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    Neotric #1837

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    Cyrus Drako
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    Cyrus is a courageous young adult man with an ambition of becoming stronger than he already is. He may be stubborn at times, however. He often has a rough side to him, but is normally a nice lad. His family lived in a small shack until age 5. His house was raided, and his father escaped with Cyrus, but his mother had died during the attack. His life was rough for the most part, and was not pleasant. At age 18, he joined The Dominion of The Storm and currently serves under the banner of House Thewisy.

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  1. Cyrus Drako

    Farewell from the Loremaster

    Farewell Loremaster Anvil
  2. Cyrus Drako

    My Final Post.

    Thanks for the ride mate.
  3. how many dm's do you slide in on average in a week?

  4. Cyrus Drako

    Coin Sinks

    do you know where he is?
  5. Cyrus Drako

    Coin Sinks

    Cant seem to find the one in methes
  6. Cyrus Drako

    Loot Caches

    To the Dungeons i go.

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